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Friday, April 15, 2011

Another World of Flashpont Cover!

Found over on The Source! This will actually be the second cover and the one I posted before the first. The cat on her shirt has been removed (they didn't think it was grim enough, it has horns!!!!;))




TheGLCorps said...

Is that supposed to be Abin Sur(with wings?!) by her leg and under Aquaman?

Brett said...

Hi GLCorps,

I can't say who it is yet, but it's not Abin Sur. I know you know who he is, he just doesn't have hair in FP.

Sorry to be so cryptic, but you know how it is.



Michael E. Pritchard said...

very cool cover! The rendering looks great and also the amount of attention to detail on the cards. I was wondering. I know you do slender, athletic people very well...why doesn't DC come up with an out of continuity, story of Nightwing being transported to a different realm where Dinosaurs still rule the land? That way, we can have a tattered super-hero losing the sense of super-hero machismo and gaining the sense of what it means to survive. Then when it comes out, you can collect your millions!!!