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Friday, May 20, 2011

This Sunday... some of you will be gone!

I've been assured by some really fancy math that tomorrow is the day, the Rapture is coming. I've known about this for awhile now so I have been preparing, have you? (lots of sun screen and flip flops it's hot down south!) If not here's some helpful tips!

Found via here, and don't forget your towel!

But wait! Could this be the trigger? Tomorrow is Draw Mohammad day! This handy clip may just show you why this is so important. I'll be starting mine in a few!

Go here for links to sending stuff in.

So that's why I'm doing this now, can't blaspheme on a Sunday if everyone's gone!




Fatboy73 said...

Eh...The world could really use a few less million people anyway.

Brett said...

Well, if all Christians go, that would free up 2 billion people worth of food. It's supposed to start in New Zealand... anything?



M.O.R said...

I worry about the whole 'Draw Mohammed Day' because of what happened the last time. (Has the woman who began the movement ever come out of hiding?)

Also, with the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden, and the questions as to whether or not it was a lawful killing, or murder/execution, and the repurcussions it is having...I have to wonder as to whether or not this is a good idea?
Even Molly Norris no longer wished to be a part of this last year when it got overly hyped, as she wanted a small protest for free speech, and she and an ally felt it had become an attack on people's beliefs, rather than what it was intended for-free speech.
Lets not forget the Pastor who decided to burn the Qu-rans back in March, after originally announcing he would not. That led to the murder of 12 innocent people in Afghanistan. And that Pastor was not making a statement on free speech. He was attacking Islam, which he has done many times.

I also have to ask, what is the goal this time? The last time it was standing for free speech, in defiance of those who threatened the creators of South Park. This time, what is it standing for, and does anyone know?

But then again, anyone who knows me knows I am not against free speech. I feel that more should be said about how politics, religion and fear of being offensive is stifling free speech, and I wouldn't hasten to add, stifling creativity. I just feel that message is corrupted, and it is really bad timing.

Brett said...


By NOT doing these kind of protests we are basically telling the extremists that it's OK for them to continue to do what they do, we will simple ignore it. We as a community have to stop cowering to them, they need to see that we too are willing to stand up for what we believe in, we just won't kill you because we disagree with you. In this country we are free to draw what we like, I will not have what I can a cannot do be dictated by someone whom worships a god that doesn't exist, that says it's OK to kill women who were raped, stonening people for blaspheming and the list goes on and on. To stay silent is just as bad as picking up a stone in this case.

As I've said in another post, it is NOT against the Muslim religion to draw Muhammid, there are lots of other painting of him from the middle ages. A faction has decided that they don't like it and are trying to force everyone else to bow to their wishes.

My drawing is done, it has been posted to the Flicker thingy. I'll post it here tomorrow. Mine's really bad, seriously the worst blaspheme I have ever done;)

As for Osama... Well, he was guilty. He was a continued threat. I would have preferred a trial, but he was going to die either way. He helped kill thousands of innocents, not soldiers who are trained and have agreed to take risks, Fathers Mothers and children. He won't be missed.



M.O.R said...
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M.O.R said...

Oh yeah, I know that it is not against the Qu'Ran to draw Mohammed, nor is it against Islam to draw creatures or animals (there are certain off-shoots of Islam who believe it is against Allah and Mohammed to depict any living, breathing animal in art. So drawing people is already blaspheming to them. I was shocked to hear this, as it was like telling me not to breathe.)

As far as communities standing up as a community againt oppression...well, that is a problem far, far beyond religion. Yes, I believe in a deity. I come from a philosophical frame of mind that does embrace science like it was going out of style. But I accept every belief system, as long as it is not violent. A former Taoiseach(Irish Prime Minister), Garret Fitzgerald, who died this week and is due to be buried tomorrow, was of a similar mindset. He often disagreed with the church, and even fought for things such as divorce, contraception and other areas at a time when Ireland was under dictatorship by the Catholic Church. The guy was a remarkable human being. I feel I share a similar frame of mind.

Anyway, in order for the world, not just America, to stand up for free speech, we have to accept every non-violent belief system as it is. And I am not talking about religion. I mean every sports team, every person who chooses alternative medicine rather than conventional. Even the paleontologists who disagree about whether certain dinosaurs were hunters versus scavengers.
And thats before we get into physical differences.
Whether we like it or not, and I most definitely do not, we will always find something to fight about. We have dumped so many rituals in the past, yet we always find something new to fight about. Its the fatal flaw of our species.