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Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Sunday... I'm so very sorry...

For making you watch that.... it still hurts.. I thought love of God inspired some great music and art...? This is SO no the case here. I'm beginning to think that maybe those musician and artists were great all on there own. What's that you say, he's just a kid? Well so was Beethoven when he started;)



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M.O.R said...

Make it Stop!!! Please Make it Stop!!!

Oh, it did. great.

Honestly, why does there have be 'Christian musicians','Christian Comedians' or so-called 'Christian Artists?' Why not just be a (insert creative choice here) who happens to be a Christian. This goes for any belief system, or none (which is kind of a belief system. It's like that old astronomer argument. If one was to explore so far out into space, then on the vast edges, they would find nothing. But in scientific terms, nothing is something. So when I say someone believes in nothing, and yet believes in something, that is what I mean). Why do people have to make their belief system part of their life/ work?
I mean, Clive Barker is a horror afficionado, who happens to be a Christian. Yet the influences in his work are subtle, at best.
He says his reasoning for writing such horrific creations is that it can strengthen one's belief in a deity. It's grand out, he never pushes it on people, and whatever the belief system, or none, of the viewer/ reader/ listener (depends on the medium) they can still enjoy the material.

steve said...

Cute kid who is probably 25 years old now and real embarrassed this video exists.

Christians believe the number one goal in life is to live and do all things for the glory of God. You sing, you sing for God; you draw, you draw for God; you dig septic tanks, you dig septic tanks for God. It transform work into a form of worship.

Christ transforms everything. You can't just happen to be a Christian. Everything you do is for God, filtered through your beliefs and morals, and ultimately done for God as an audience of one.


Unknown said...

Though if you do everything for God, Steve.. Is helping a homeless person done for God? Because by definition of how the Christian Values are, as many go rambling about, is to do selfless acts, but doing it distincly for God is essentially buttering up to get into heaven if you've been a nice enough boy this life and Father God brings you eternal bliss.

So doing it for God rather than from the good of your heart is rather selfish and very UNChristian.

I also fail to see how someone who decided to give us free thought and sent us out to the world would want us to spend all our lives worshiping him rather than, you know, use the free will we've been given to do something with our lives.

Not essentially living in daddy's basement because that is what we know and that is what everybody does.

As a last PS. Steve, saying "Christians believe..." is as ignorant in the fashion of the word, the core definition and not the way people use it to call another stupid. Christians have essentially waged wars against it's branches just because they can't unite over the same idea, countless of branches, forms and even cults exist because everyone does not agree. So claiming that you can speak for the whole of Christianity is as I said, ignorant. You can speak for yourself quite well, but not all of those who believe.It's just like that offended person on the Bioware's forums who "Spoke for the straight guys" just because they decided to let male guys be able to date male guys in their latest games and felt there had to be an "No homo" option. A hilarious read I'd like to suggest to those interested.

But yes, you can speak for Christianity as a whole as much as the pope does for the protestants, the late Bin Ladin for Islam and Richard Dawkings of Atheism. Everyone is different and nobody purely speaks for another, it's something one should remember, otherwise you come out as rather ignorant and not thinking through your words or actions.

It's a fun video Brett, makes me cringe like hell though. Without offending Steve here, it really does feel like brainwashing children with stuff like that.

- The Artist

Cryostar1177 said...

I thought all of Vanilla Ice's early stuff had "disappeared"....

Fatboy73 said...

Ugh! Can't believe I'm the one who has to defend the basic principles of Christianity.

Point 1: Selfless acts like helping the homeless or even an old lady across the street are NOT done as a way of buttering up to get in heaven.One of the core beliefs of Christianity is that no good deeds you do on this earth are good enough to get you into
heaven only belief in Jesus Christ and asking him to absolve you of your sins will get you into heaven.

Point 2:On some points Steve can(and does quite often)speak for the core beliefs of Christianity,
another of which is everything is done for the glory of their god.Some take it to extreme,others don't but it's always there in one form or another.It's just like I can confidently say that ALL Muslims believe in Allah as the true god and Muhammad is his prophet,there are just some values where you don't deviate.Now if I were to say all Muslim's are murdering psychopaths and all Christians are overbearing,pushy,proselytizing idiots,I would be very wrong. The really ignorant thing here is you calling Steve ignorant and then spouting off falsities your self.If your going to make statements against Christianity(and I have no problem with that) at least make sure what your saying is correct.
Thanks :)

illustratorx said...

Wolf, sorry if I seemed ignorant, I’ve only been at this Christianity thing for twenty years and that is after 20 years of doing it wrong as a religion before I figured out the difference between religion and relationship; so I still have a lot to learn and I have a lot of dead religious traditions to overcome. You are correct that some practice Christianity to win God’s favor. “I will do good deeds so God will accept me,” Jesus was pretty clear that that was a dead end road. So those who show love out of selfish motives like you described are dead in their religion.

Of course Christ came to show a better way and that is why Christianity is based off of first you are accepted by God rather than you try to earn his acceptance. You receive God’s love and then give it away, so you are not trying to win favor and you are not selfishly using people as a way to gain points with God. That by definition is central to Christianity so with great confidence I can say all Christians believe that.

People who go to church and believe the Bible but have not yet been born again, are nice religious folks, but by Jesus’ definition of what a follower is they are missing the boat.

Remember Jesus pissed off the Church and was ultimately murdered by the religious church leaders for this type of talk. There will always be religious folks who think they know God but who are really only playing the “do good deeds to get into heaven” game. I hope that helps with some of the ignorance.


illustratorx said...

Hey good looking out Fatboy! We must have been typing at the same time!

Fatboy73 said...

No problem Steve :D And I forgot to add that Bin Laden DID speak on behalf of the core values of Islam, and while not the view of all Muslims his extreme stances on Islam were still held by a large number of Muslims.And Dawkins can quite easily speak on behalf of the ONLY core value in Atheism,Their are no deities or supernatural occurrences...period.
It's nothing like the Bioware situation because there are no "core beliefs" for being a heterosexual male except maybe that your not sexually attracted to other males.Other than that,it's up for grabs. :D

Unknown said...

When you started about doing all these things because you're Christian, such as cleaning septic tanks, I could not help but think back to the karate utilising Reverend from Brain Dead.

He has the immortal line "I kick arse for the Lord!"
Courtesy of Peter Jackson, same guy behind Lord of the Rings.

Fatboy73 said...

He directed Lord of the Rings? WOW! and here I thought he was only the guy behind my favorite gore fest movie of all time...Dead Alive ;) Imho the true genius of Peter Jackson is not that he can take epic literature and make a block buster movie out of it,but can take the concept of a Sumatran rat monkey who's bite turns people into zombies and turn it into a movie that made my my chick flick/romantic comedy loving significant other sit on the edge of the couch squealing and giggling and laughing and saying at the end "it was an awesome movie.THAT'S an accomplishment. :D

Brett said...


Have to make this quick my head is hurting. I think Christian artist/ musician , ect. Is more a designation for an artist that specializes in Christian music/art/ect. I'm sure they do other stuff as well. Take Amy Grant from the 80's, Christian pop star turned mainstream for a bit.


I think we need to take the word ignorant back since it simply means not knowing something. It's been turned into so kind of back handed comment. We are all ignorant of facts and truths, even me;). You simply can't know everything.


Too Funny!


I'm pretty sure that's one of those Christian Side Hug guys;)

Christ pissed off the Jews, the Church didn't exist yet;) I finally watched most of JC SupaStar! Might have been good if the songs weren't so dated. Judas could sing!

Fatboy is indeed correct. There are core beliefs in all religions and also Atheism (just one so it's not a system.)


I'll have to watch that at some point. I do love his Dead Alive movie!



M.O.R said...

Sorry, the KTP guy above was me, M.O.R. I was signed into my work account.

steve said...

Dead Alive is crazy, the lawnmower scene is insane! We used to have "the kick arse for the Lord" soundclip on our old apartment's answering machine.


M.O.R said...

@ Brett

When DON'T the jews get blamed for something? ;)

And when you said that Beethoven was writing master pieces at his age, don't forget Joe Kubert was working at 12 years of age, and Frank Frazetta was in art college at six.
Makes us all look lazy by comparison.

M.O.R said...

Just saw this really funny video on youtube.

It's an animated parody of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, except the 'Cosmos' in question, are all derived from pop culture.

Don't wanna spoil anymore, but it's only 3 minutes long, and it is funny.