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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another question answered.

Tomasz said...
Hi Brett,I got a couple of questions...Will you ever do a Youtube video of yourself drawing a sketch or page..just love to see how it all comes together?

I hate being photographed, and I'm pretty bad at explaining things while I work, I sort of zone out an focus on drawing. I have been asked but I also take a lot of breaks for a bad back so I'm sure I'd forget to turn the video thing back on and miss a whole section;)

How did you starting working at DC and signing a two year contract, just came out of nowhere for this fan?

It's a thrilling story actually. I emailed Eddie Berganza at DC, there I sat waiting torcherd, sad, an hour later Eddie emailed me back and told me he'd love to work with me and was looking for some backups to get me started. A week later i was working for them.... so maybe not thrilling;)
A few months later Eddie me to go exclusive with DC. I sort of held off for a bit. But we finally all agreed to do it in March, my contract started in April.:)

Do you read any comic book related websites?

Newsarama, The Source, Bleeding Cool, CBR and Blastr. I do check reviews as well, nice to see what the fans are saying... usually;)

What is your viewpoint on the state of the comic book industry?

Hard to say. I think digital comics are the future but I'm not sure if printed one will go completely extinct. Sales have been declining for years, but that might just be the reflection of more companies taking from the limited amount of fans. Which reminds me I have to make a call about this today! I do find it funny that the newer fans done see the cyclical nature of the medium. Saying that Marvel has 'better' artist because they have a newer style. But I just see a great 70's and 80's art influence. Not my cup of tea right now, but Spidey's new outfit is cool:)

Do you ever check the sales figures of the comics that you work on? IE is it something that you check on regularly or is not something relevant as you are doing something you love?

Sales are always relevant. I do check them... but I'm not sure if the ones for April have been posted yet... Sales for JLA 55 went up about 5,000 copies in the direct market. I don't get numbers for news stands and overseas so if JLA is selling 50,000 through Diamond, it might be as high as 75 to 80,000 total.


Fatboy73 said...

whaa happened? Did yo get a cease and desist order from DC on the new Flashpoint cover?

Brett said...

I'm not sure what you mean?

I was originally asked to do the alt cover for WoFp2. But I guess they liked it so they moved it to number one and then had me do a new cover for 2 and then the cover to 3 I just did (I'm not sure it will be previewed, it's all spoilery;))



Fatboy73 said...

Maybe it was Blogger or maybe my computer but the whole post was gone for like a day and then it was back.
I thought maybe you took it down for some reason or maybe DC told you it couldn't be shown yet. :)