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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teen Titans 2!

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
On sale OCTOBER 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
A strange creature haunts the streets of Los Angeles… and because of this creature’s age, both Red Robin and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. are racing to find her – but neither side is prepared for the horror known as Bugg!
Meanwhile, Superboy is on a collision course with the team, and Kid Flash plots his escape from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with the most unexpected of allies!
It's a spooky issue! Here are the pencils as well:) Just finished the cover to 3 and that TT 100 pinup this week. Now I'm a few pages into issue 3.



illustratorx said...

Look'n Good!

So is Bugg a good guy or a bad guy?

Just to be safe she probably should go and Beast Boy brought onto the team.

Can't wait!


Unknown said...

It looks like there are no phallic symbols on the cover... do you want to share any thoughts on the budding conspiracy theory which claims that the recent Jason Todd incident is only the most visible of at least 4 covers with prominent phallic symbology?

Fatboy73 said...

Sorry to say but I'm not a huge fan of the colors on this one.feels like it lost a lot of the drama that you put into the lines.

Brett said...


We are not putting Gar in... at least not for a bit;) (DC fans don't read too much into that.)


I almost sent a not like that in with the 3rd cover;)

I'm not familiar with the other covers. I know Extreme had a guy on Supreme who would do that but wasn't trying to sneak it in. He just did it. Since that cover is digitally 'inked' that might explain some of it. But his 'junk' isn't in the right place and it's most likely just an accident. I have done it myself on the smaller characters, but I usually catch it.


I agree, DC wanted changes, I still think they were not in the covers best interest. If all 52 covers 'pop' with brightness then none of the do and the ones the eye will be drawn to will be the ones that are not 'popping'. Science fun fact you eyes are drawn to things that are different!



heffison said...

I am pretty curious about early designs for Bugg and how she might have developed. Was there any discussion over putting a character with potentially very off-putting appearance in the book? Not that it's a bad design for whatever she actually is, but her limbs appear to be bursting through her flesh or something. Not everyone will be comfortable looking at that for a long period of time.

Different question: We've been told that all of the changes in the Batbooks will be explained in-story. Obviously, a lot more is changing in your book, but will there be any reason given for why what we see in Teen Titans #1 is different than what we see in TT #100? Or will it be "What other book? This is #1."

heffison said...

By the way...BREASTS! Well, all of Comic Bloc noticed, anyway. I'm gay, so the first thing I spotted was the guy with his mouth wide open. Until I remembered he was like, 15, and I felt gross. Any chance we'll get a "Twenties Titans" book in October?

Crap, after the relaunch, even the Justice League will be too young for me.

Brett said...


The limbs come and go, I can't help you if that bothers you, doesn't bother me, but that might be too much anime when I was younger;)

She was originally an Asian girl, I based her design off an old Wildstorm one as we're going to be merging the 2 universes. What I had planned may never happen but the thought was there. My original drawing was pretty similar to what we finally did. I prefer organic to robotic so she looked more bug like, Scott liked that and it stuck.

Well the entire DC universe will only be 5 years old, so yeah, lots will change, I think more so with TT than most of the other books. Tim is putting the team together from scratch.

And if they are going to bitch about the boys being gay, I'm going to have to have a bit of fun with them;) If Scott and I can agree to an idea I have my revenge will be soo very sweet;) Mwahahahahaha!

Tim's like 16 if that helps!



heffison said...

"Tim's like 16 if that helps!"

No. I'm not from Arkansas. Or NAMBLA. ;)

Mark said...

Hey Brett,

Thanks for posting the pencils again. Looking great.
It's awesome that you're already into issue 3! Keep up the good work, can't wait for September (and the TT 100 pinup in August).

werwoelfchen said...

hey brett :-)
I like the cover, it seems so dynamic and it is a pleasure to look at. I like Tim's face, he seems really scared. Thank you very much for sharing it. ^______- I can not wait for September, really. I am so excited.

yours Werwoelfchen

p.s.: I am looking forward to your revenge concerning the people who will possible bitch about the boys being gay. hehe ;-)

Brett said...


I didn't know you looked like Marlon Brando!


Yep, on the 4th page (not page 4 jumped ahead because of a particularly strange double page spread that needed layouts approved before hand.) Should be on page 6 by Monday.

I'm trying to be on issue 5 by the time issue 1 ships. If possible I'm trying to do the first 12 issue before we need a fill in.. of course we might get cancelled so who knows!


Thanks! I'm told the cover to 3 is 'awesome' but I don't see it. It's cool.. I think, and it has a train on it! You know I've been drawing comics for almost 20 years and the only times I've ever drawn a train were in the last 6 months for DC.. I think Sheldon Copper might be an editor there;)

The revenge story will be after the full team is assembled so after issue 6 or so. It should be a fun issue if we get to do it. Editorial might shoot it down, but if they do I'll still draw the big image for fun;)



Anonymous said...

The cover looks awesome, bro! I love to be on your level one day. Tim is my favorite comic book character of all time so I'm happy he'll be in the spotlight and leading the team. There's one thing I'm confused about however, are you planning to make Tim and Connor gay? I'm not gay and I have no problem with gay people. I'm only curious about such a dynamic aspect for my favorite character. Tim's going to be cool regardless. =)

Brett said...

Hi Skywalker26,

Thanks:) No plans to make Tim or Connor gay at this point. Most of that is just jokes based on a particularly annoying commenter;)



Anonymous said...

Lol well it's all cool. Thanks a lot Brett. I actually justed began a blog in emulation of you. Still trying to navigate through everything. Anyways dude I've been wondering for the longest, where did you learn to draw so well? Did you get your style from another artist's or was this taught to you?

Brett said...


LOTS of practice. I started out trying to draw like Art Adams, so I'd copy pictures he did, soon I was doing my own stuff with an Art Adams influence. As I got more and more into comics I pulled stuff from other artists, I got a break in late 92 and was asked to work at Homage Studios with Jim Lee, Mark Silvestri, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams. Jim would work with us while letting us do our own thing. After that it was simply lots of work.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Brett. That was a huge help. I'm going to check out some of Art Adams work when I can. Great job on Teen Titans so far bro.

Dylan said...

So I hate to bring this up again Brett (love the cover to TT2 btw) in a interview Scott Lobdell stated this:

"Similarly, Superboy comes to Teen Titans and his own series with a lot of his D.C.history in place. He still showed up shortly after the Death of Superman, he is still the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor."

Can you confirm or deny that the death still happened?


Please and Thanks!!!

Brett said...


Sorry, I know what you know about this.



Dylan said...


Ok thanks for you help lol. With the info that came out today, it made me worry that nothing was kept from Supermans past. But anyways thanks for you help!

But back on Teen Titans, the cover for 2 looks great, Bugg looks like a good temp enemy and a good teammate if that happens. She looks cool and creepy at the same time, good job, still really looking forward to Teen Titans, and can't wait till I can get my hands on it. I wish you were going to comic-con it would have been cool to meet you and get you to sign something :P . But I understand why you wont go.

Thanks for everything,
Your Fan,

kneelbeforezod said...

Hi Brett, great cover!

Brett, Dan DiDio says here :,_Up_and_Out_of_the_Closet/

DC has several popular teenage heroes such as Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy and the other Teen Titans. With gay teens becoming more visible in the media, can readers expect to see a teenaged gay superhero in the future?

Didio: One of the things we’re very focused on doing for these types of stories is rather than [change an existing] character, we want to make sure that this is the basis of who that character is right from the start. So if we’re going to introduce a gay character in Teen Titans, we want to make it a new character and make sure that is an iatrical part of who he is, or who she is, right from the start so we can really lean and grow with her or him.

So, will we be seeing more gay and LGBT teen heroes in TT? Please say yes! :3

Brett, will we see past TT joining the team after this team is established? I'd like to see Solstice(her introduction in TT #93 - 97 was amazing and she'd go well with this diversity shtick of Scott's), Miss Martian/Bombshell/Aquagirl, Zatara/Stephanie Brown, making it a total of 10 heroes. Maybe you could make Kiran or MM or Amy lesbian ;)

Your fan,

Brett said...


Yes. I can happily confirm this:) That's all I'm saying... but wait until issue 3;)

Possibly, I've talked to Scott about it some. Names have been mentioned. Nothing definite, I'm sure some of the other TT will appear at some point. Some already have;)

I'd like to use the new Aqualad or Static at some point, and MM is always a winner.



shinobi100 said...

This cover is really cool and creepy. The faded colors enhance the feel of the claustrophobic subterranean locale