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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teen Titans 1 a mere 4 weeks away!

Scott had an idea for some promo shots awhile ago. We never got around to drawing them all but I thought this would work. I'm told I can't use the tag line I wanted so here it is sans tag!

In case you hadn't noticed I'm running out of sketches!




BluePrint said...

This is pretty cool. It's giving me some ideas for my class assignment.

David said...

This is genius, Brett. I love the idea. It really gives off this air of the Titans being very rebellious, especially toward their mentors/guardians/counterparts. I'm definitely going to be sharing this image around. :)

What's the tagline?

Brett said...


I'm hoping to do one a week until it ships!

The Tag was:

DUDE! Batman's gonna be PISSED!

But I'm told that's not PC right now, I use pissed all the time so I didn't think anything of it. Scott liked it without any lines as well so I just went with that.



Kaden said...

LOVE that tagline!

Sigh...9-28-11 seems SO FAR away. :(

But...I'm still SUPER excited! :)