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Monday, September 19, 2011

Teen Titans 4 Cover

Issue 4 cover from IGN. I'm working on the issue 5 cover right now!




David said...



This is incredible. Talk about bringing in the New Year with a kiss! A KISS TO THE JAWBONE!

Yeah, I got nothing.


heffison said...

Too bad she can't slug him hard enough he wakes up and remembers being Conner.

Great visual for the cover, though.

The solicits make it sound like the Superboy and Teen Titans books will kind of "sync up" for the holidays. Hey, will Charcoal Girl be with the team in New York? It'd be hilarious if she could just blend in to the smog.

Rogue said...

Gotta say, One of the best covers yet!!! Will we see Cassie's lasso's capabilities fairly early?

Kevon said...

All I have to say is next week must come faster.

tony said...

Awesome cover,I wonder if SB is thinking OW when she hits him,or does he wonder why she tries so hard when he could stop her cold so quickly.

S said...

Hi Brett, Ive noticed that Wondergirl has got this gold shimmers on her outfit, are those new add ons cos they look fantastic, or are they just reflections of some sort.

Also been hearing rumors that conner is going to change his name to something else, is that true? *horrors.

Mark said...

What a fantastic use of perspective Brett. I never get tired of how creative your art looks.

Angel said...

you are the penciler in this one too?
amazing job as always =)

steve said...

I love it except it reminds me that we are in the homestretch of 2011, where did the year go?

SteveI love it except it reminds me that we are in the homestretch of 2011, where did the year go?


Brett said...
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Brett said...

Thanks David,


Yeah, we synced them up, I put some people in Thanksgiving shirts for issue 3;) Charcoal Girl will be there in NY, you see her first in issue 2.


Do you mean what it can do or will she use it early on in the series?


You and me both! It's like Christmas only way worse!


She's magical... she can hurt him. But SB has a few other problems with his new more powerful TK that others can also exploit.


We started that in issue 1, leaving them more like Donnas was making things flatten out some so Andrew has punched them up more in issue 2. I have heard nothing on a name change. but I don't work on SB and Scott likes to keep everyone guessing, even the artists.

Thanks Mark,

The idea was actually Scotts, I just drawed it;)


I'm the penciler on all the TT issues so far, Scot Lobdell is the writer.:)


I know I've been at DC a year now and only drew like 11 issues! I need a vacation and the books just started! It doesn't seem like I've been there that long.



S said...

Thanks Brett, I think you're amazing. I'll gladly buy few more copies of #1 for my niece and nephews but the first issue has already been sold out at my LCS. 1 week before the published date!

Brett said...


Already?!?! That's insane! I'm sure they will have reorders at some point, I haven't heard about a 2nd printing yet...

Well, we can't say people didn't pick up the first issue!

Now we just have to hope people like it.



Rogue said...

Brett, I meant what it can do... Sorry, English is not my 1st language, so sometimes I zig instead of zagging...

tony said...

Scott's not gonna weigh SB down with weaknesses is he? I mean his TK should block magic attacks,,atleast in blunt physical form.

Anonymous said...

Seeing them on the giant screen has me wondering. Do all of the Titans have secret IDs? How would facebook, twitter, and celeb obsessed blogs and news sources do in a world with real super-heroes? A true hero probably wouldn't pander to them but it'd have to be a nuisance or a necessary evil to getting the job done!

steve said...

anyone got some gasoline cause I got some fire:

Scroll down to the comments section and read the one from "T."

dude seriously let it go.

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