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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wally West/ FLash 3 colored!

A big thanks to Andrew for coloring this up! 




geogerus said...

Amazing work from the both of you.Those colors really bring it to life. Love that costume too. Whenever Wally returns to comics I hope it's you drawing him. Thanks for sharing.

geogerus said...

In fact I just made it my background pic,lol. Again thx for sharing

Brett said...


It can't be too soon, I need to finish my run on TT first!



Kestral said... just awesome, i really like the color choices and the dynamic pose

Robert said...

Dear DC,

Please give Brett a Wally book. now.

Brian said...

Or yesterday. Yesterday would be good. Seriously, Wally West needs a book more than, oh, at least 30 of the books that do exist right now.

I like this a lot. It's sleek and streamlined, still recognizable as "The Flash" while being distinct from the Barry Allen costume.

Kaden said...

LOVE this costume! The black is great...and I miss Wally already. :( Him and Donna. Two of my favorites.

M.O.R said...

Man, this is so cool.

I have to say that I also share the same admiration for Wally as you do, mainly because of the really cool work Mark Waid and the late, great Mike ''Ringo' Wieringo did on the book.
Ringo was always synomous with the Flash, since he co-created Impulse and made Wally interesting and fun. Sad he died too soon.

There was also the great work Morrison, Waid and company did with Wally and co on JLA.
Lucky us.

Eyz said...

Love it!
Wally looks great in this redesign!^^

I could totally see him like this featured in the new DC books.. (if only, right?)

Fantastic dynamic art and great colors!

Crowley said...

I love this simple and elegant redesign.

Great work!