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Monday, October 17, 2011

Max Mercury!

Ok, just more of me messing around, nothing about this is real. I was simply taking a break, everyone else was having fun at NYCC and I got the hankering to do a new redesign of Max thanks to the SpeedForce interview. So here he is. Tough one, his regular costume is pretty plain so not a lot to work with. But I made him skirting the SpeedForce:)

Oh and Rich, again don't read into this, just me having a spot of fun;P




David said...

Maaaaan this is good! I love the mask! And the way he's running his hand along the Speed Force like it's water or something! This is some excellent stuff!

You're gonna get Andrew to color it, right? :P

David said...

Looks good for a younger Max. I think that the collar from his costume should disappear. It definitely looks good.

David said...

LOL The collar is what he's all about! He's always had a collar! It sets him apart from the other speedsters, I think.

Anyway, I dig the less prominent collar on this costume, and how it still shows a little chest hair - another Mercury staple.

Anthony said...

I kinda like the look. I need to revisit and take another look after a while to get my real feelings on it but initial reaction says it looks good.

Wish you came to NYCC Brett, I told you plane tickets were cheap! :-P

I asked Francis Manapul about Wally, since he's writing the Flash, and he said he has a proposal for Wally on Geoff's desk and he's just waiting for a response. Something about them possibly making a movie about the Flash and needing to focus on Barry for now but he seemed to share all of our sentiments and warm feelings for the return of the character. Maybe you two can collude and corner Geoff?

Mark said...

Very cool

Brian said...

Max Mercury. Man, I miss Max. Especially since he just got brought back to life and then... Nothing.

Brett said...

Thanks David,

That's up to Andrew:)

David, David is right;) the collar and chest hair are Ma staples, I had to leave them!

Thanks Anthony, if Francis has something in motion great! I'mm send him a note, maybe my idea can be a backup:)

Thanks Mark!

Max is the man Brian. he'll get sed again at some point!



heffison said...

DC really needs to put you on a Flash family title the first chance they get. The energy you put in to your work fits them perfectly and your love for the characters makes them shine.

Currently, Flash and Kid Flash are the only speedsters confirmed in the DCnU, right? Or did I miss something about someone else?

David said...

I have the perfect way for Max to show back up in the DCnU. He could show up in All Star Western. The book is set right at the same time that Max first gets his powers.

Brian said...

Oh man, Max in the old west would rule.