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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teen Titans 2 Preview on CBR!

Head over to CBR for the first 5 pages and then head to your LCBS tomorrow for the comic! It's way better than the Flash;P

Now back to finishing up issue 5.




Kevon said...

So Bugg's name is actually Skitter? I can live with that!

StevenW said...

I loved this issue! Bravo to all involved!

Mark said...

Wow, excellent issue! Way to go!

John said...

Brett, loved issue 1, should be getting issue 2 soon. Do you do commissions, or sell your artwork? thanks!

John said...

Ack. Sorry about the commission question..I just saw your note that you hate doing them..LOL..

Brett said...

Hi Kevon,

I prefer Bugg but I was over-ruled;)

Thanks un_taco!

Much appreciated Mark!


I always get asked to draw characters I don't like.

I do sell art. I actually have issue 2 art sitting in my art bin, so drop me an email if you're interested. And thanks for the kind words!



geogerus said...

Awesome work yet again.

"5. Teen Titans #2 is full, fast and fun. The kind of thing you used to read Claremont for. Lots of fun playing around with text, filling the spaces and delivering back for your three bucks, even as it delivers flashy nineties storytelling. Lobdell and Booth are filling those twenty pages with at least twenty-five pages of story while still giving flashy splash pagey images. Bendis could pick up tips here."

I could not have said it better myself so I just copied and pasted,lol.

John said...

Brett, I sent you an email yesterday asking about a few pages. Just wanted to make sure you got the email. thanks.]

David Andrews said...

I liked this issue a lot.

Hey, click here to check out the second issue to of the Teen Titans being compared to HmmmBop -

Brett said...

Thanks The Reviewer.... I think;P