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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Wally West Flash

This time face on. I wanted to mess with the insignia a bit, plus yesterday was my day off and I got tired of reading so I drew this up whilst watching the TV. And again this is NOT part of, the DCnU.. or New 52 or whatever it's being called. 




Steeley said...

I bet this is a new design for Wally and you're just being coy with us Brett.


Christopher G said...

WOW! Another great sketch. Nice job! I made your last Wally sketch my desktop wallpaper. I sure hope if Wally ever makes it into the new 52, they get you involved with the design process!

Brett said...


I soooo wish that was true!

Christopher G,

Hopefully! I'd love to spin a Wally Flash book out of TT, but I do have another idea as well;)



Brian said...

WALLY! Seriously, all I want from DC is Wally West and his family. That's it.

Brett said...

Hi Brian,

Family? You mean Linda and the kids right? Or the Speedforce Family?

If Barry is younger I think Wally would be as well. But it's all up in the air right now. I'm sure they'll do something at some point.



David said...

I agree with Steeley.

Also, this design KICKS ASS. I really do want to see this in future DC issues. I mean, c'mon...there's this whole Earth-2 that's going on with the JSA. So...who's to say Wally won't make an appearance there in some way?

Nice stuff as usual, Brett.

Lightspeed Entries said...

I just dont understand how you can 'sketch' like this!? It is just insanity, pure insanity, if this is a sketch, my sketches are scribbles whether it takes just less than an hour or not.

Very nice stuff, I really really want Wally to be in the DCnU, and if it does get done I'm pretty sure you've got the fans backing.

Lightspeed Entries said...

One more thing, how would you do a Spin off of Wally from TT? Isnt that Bart.

David Andrews said...

Brett, I would be honored if you could spam me on my comic book and movie review website.

As well as read this article I wrote about Teen Titans 1 -

Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

This guy is getting boring. Draw someone else.

Corey "Core Dejour" Ross said...

i'll be honest i don't love your art but i do appreciate it and respect it. with that said i truly think this is the best rendering you've ever done. when your pencils get inked they don't do you justice. no disrespect to your current inker but they don't capture that pencil energy. this pic of wally is just brilliant down to the left hand in the air. really dynamic and i could hear him coming off the page. i know you've been in the comic book game for awhile but i truly think this pic shows you still are able to evolve and improve. kudos homie!

Amit! said...

I absolutely love this design for Wally West. It's far better than the look that was given him post-Flash: Rebirth, and the black parts just...I don't know how to put it into words. It's an excellent, excellent design.

Brian said...

Yeah, I mean Linda specifically, preferably the twins (c'mon, we've had set up for his son going evil since The Life Story of Barry Allen, and how awesome was Irey as Impulse going to be...)

I'd love to see the whole Flash-family as well, no doubt.

That's the thing though. Wally isn't my favorite character because he has red hair, green eyes, and runs fast. He's my favorite character because of the development that Mike Baron, William Messner-Loebs, MARK WAID, and Geoff Johns wrote. From brash arrogant jerk to family man. The relationship with Linda, and the way he grew up. That's why he's the best character in the history of comic books, and just having a character with his name/powers wouldn't BE Wally West.

heffison said...

It's always (in my best Jan Brady voice:) "Wally, Wally, Wally!"

Surely it's only a matter of DC guys figuring out just how to fit Wally into the nU reality. I don't see how they can make such a big deal of wanting to boost readership, and move more quickly to drop under-performing titles, but not want to find a spot for a character with an audience begging to buy his books. Maybe you should suck up to Manapul so you can do a page in his book if Wally shows up there.

Was your pin-up in TT #100 the only time you drew prelaunch Conner Kent?

Fatboy73 said...

"Brett Booth Keeps On Drawing Wally West

The character may have been deleted by the events of Flashpoint. But Brett Booth does insist on keeping drawing him. I wonder if he knows something we don’t?"

quote from bleeding cool...Man those guys love you! :D

Brett said...

Thanks David! One never knows where characters will pop up right now;P


This one might have taken about an hour, the character about 45 minutes, I did the speedlines the next day so it might have gon over a bit. It's jus tone character, not my normal finished pencils, the are a bit sketchy. Plus half of him is blacked out so that saves some time;) I've been drawing comics for almost 20 years, you pick up a few things along the way;)

If I told you then it would get used:)

The Reviewer,

I don't post on other peoples message boards anymore, sometimes it causes problems that I'd prefer to avoid! I did tweet that review though. thanks!


You can't make me!

Corey "Core Dejour" Ross,

Thanks. Not everyone likes every art style. But thanks for noticing the push to improve, I have been trying:)


Thanks a bunch!


I think if they bring Wally back the family would be gone. Too much baggage. He might be seeing Linda but I doubt the twins would be there:/

We would still be Wally West as long as his characterization is still there, he would just be more like his original or early Flash days. Of course they might go a completely different way with him as well.


I drew a ver small Conner in the Starman/ Congorilla one shot. :)


Yeah, Rich is trying to get some rumors going. I do have inside info, but not on Wally;) (It's info on the TT case I sort of work on that book;))

Thanks again everyone!


Stephen said...

So cool!

David said...

I like the overall design, but there is just something about the top of the lightning bolt that I don't like. Everything else is great. Maybe give him a bolt similar to his olf Kid Flash suit but larger. It kind of looks like Captain Marvel's bolt.