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Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Sunday; They deserve to DIE! And other things;)

So there was a large Skepticon convention in Missoura this weekend, and part of the fun was visiting another one of those crazy Creation Museums. Here's an account of the trip. Some interesting reading to the minds of some Creationists.  So by this logic, why is suicide an eternal punishment... or why aren't they offing each other and everyone else since they think it's better to be dean than alive? Ah, that strange murky logic.

And over here we have a big ass take down of the ever popular mantra The Nazi's were Darwinists. Not that it will change many minds, as apparently feelings are more important than evidence. 

And here's a post on a new book about the evolution of eyes. What's good is half an eye? Why it's better than no eye at all! But seriously, that's not how it works, evolution works in stages, not all or nothing... or half or nothing. 

Here's a better image of that Jesus in the dog butt. The face on this one looks like it might have been messed with, but I didn't look to closely!

And then The Pope got caught making out with another religious dude... I guess it's not unexpected... it is unexpected that the dude is old enough to shave;) Cue outrage. Yes I know that's not what it is but it's funnier;P




Fatboy73 said...

Just to put it out there, the original article does mention that the image was "faked". But still priceless nonetheless :D

steve said...

Brett, you are doing it again. If you don’t believe in a literal 6-day Creation story you probably want to stop concentrating on web stories only about 6 day Creationists. You do not agree with them, why keep focusing on them?

Not all Christians believe in a 6 day Creation event, it isn’t mandatory. Why not try to look at the best and the brightest Christianity has to offer which actually addresses areas of your concern?

It is almost like you refuse to take on the difficult arguments and enjoy self congratulatory praise of like minded folks who only attack the fringes of Christianity.

Do you only want to see and believe you are right, or do you care about actually understanding?

If your views are so robust, they should be able to handle some honest inspection.

Anyways, as I’ve stated before, Christianity believes God created all matter, all physical space, all of the natural laws. He exists beyond time and space. He is a supernatural being beyond our comprehension. Such a being is larger than the theory of evolution; if evolution happened and was natural law it would be HIS natural law; you seem to keep believing evolution could somehow disprove God-it can’t, science has no authority over beings outside of time and space. We will never be able to figure Him out if we attempt to start with ourselves; the temporal can not reach into the infinite. The infinite would have to speak into the temporal; He would have to reach down to us. Christians believe that is exactly what he did through Christ.

God says if we are open, if we listen, and if we humble ourselves He will make himself known to us. If we approach Him with a desire to control him, to make demands of Him, to arrogantly chastise Him and His people you will remain frustrated and lost.

Brett said...


I figured but never actually heard it was faked. I do have several dogs with similar butts but didn't want to look too closely;P


Um...I didn't bring that up... you did. I did a post about killing children...

I do understand that not all Christians believe in the 6 day story... but some do, and you are not the only person who reads these posts. And I dont consider this to be a frindge:

When asked for their views on the origin and development of human beings, between 40-50% of adults in the United States say they share the beliefs of young Earth creationism, depending on the poll.[8] The percentage of believers decreases as the level of education increases—only 22% of respondents with postgraduate degrees believed compared with 47% of those with a high school education or less.[9

I'm not trying to talk about that this week so I'll move on but here's the wiki page I tool it from:

So to get to the meat, you BELIEVE god created all matter, you have no proof of that statement. There is nothing to corroborate it. You can believe all you want but that has never been tested and can't be taken as anything more than what it is a myth. And I'm sorry you basically said lets just give up and NOT even bother trying to figure things out. YOU may be happy to live not knowing but I'm not like that and I want to know.

So I want to know, if you have no evidence, and aren't looking for evidence, than how is your religion true yet all the others are false? How can you make an informed choice with zero evidence for any of it? It's crazy.



Brett said...

Ohm and here's a take down of one of your ID heros, shows the lies (or at least a few of them, they lie all the time) which is why they aren't taken seriously, and I don't bother with them.



Fatboy73 said...

I was referring to the pope picture, not the dog butt one. But it's a general consensus that the dog butt one is altered as well. :D

Brett said...


You mean that's not a the Pope kissing a guy! I'm shocked, SHOCKED! hehe. I guess that green robbed guy isn't going to try for second base then;P



steve said...

No evidence…hmmm. Go back and read my post. I in no way state there is no evidence.

You do understand the difference between a closed materialistic naturalism world view and an open super natural world view, correct?

If you believe in magic or not, when you draw comic books with magic, you seem to understand that you must in your head build and work within the framework of that fictional realm. You understand if you try to draw magic and say, “I will only draw magic that is non-supernatural,” you’ve failed before you began. If you approach a supernatural world view and say, “I will only accept a supernatural world view as long as it fits in my closed materialistic world view,” then again you have failed.

It is circular reasoning of the worse sort. The supernatural can not be real because it is supernatural.

I’m saying your whole world view needs a shift. If you are unwilling to consider what a different world view is, then you have no way of evaluating it, the evidence for it, or the possibility it is the correct world view.

So if we live in a world which is both visibly physical and also spiritually inundated as the Bible says, where science can only test the physical but not the spiritual, what kind of non-physical evidence would you expect to find?

If God is real, and he actively works for people to know him, not primarily through science, not as a lab subject, but as a personal being; how would you expect him to make his presence known? If God wants to be communicated with and interacted with, not primarily studied, how would you expect such a being to interact? How would you begin to look for evidence once you had been instructed to leave test tubes and Bunsen burners out of the picture?

Maybe this will help. If you are ignorant about some topic, do you look for only others who are equally ignorant, or would perhaps you want to consider looking at non-ignorant sources for information? (I’m using ignorant, in the academic sense, meaning unknowing not stupid.)

Also this is your blog, and one of my hopes for years is that you would get on a mainstream super hero book, now that it has happened I don't want to be a pest. If you want me to stop pointing out the flaws in your posts, just let me know. If you just want to rant without being shown what else you might want to consider just give me the word.