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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crashed and burned!

Ah the crazy world of comics! I turned in a Speedforce idea last year that got shot down in record time. They want to focus on Barry and Bart for the time being. I knew it was a long shot but I had to give it a try! It would have taken awhile to get everything going so I was hoping I'd do it after my TT run. And I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't willing to put my pencil were my mouth is;)

Anyways, a few designs for it. The top is Wally (silver top, blue bottoms) the bottom a new character with the placeholder name of Black Racer... cause his outfit's Black. I figured I'd post them and not really talk about the idea just in case DC changes their mind, I can always do more redesigns;)

Anyways, enjoy and maybe I'll get a crack at this someday!



Brian said...

God, this just...

Keep trying Brett, please.

ilTassista Marino said...

the Racer pic is a wonder.

Jeff said...

"... so I was hoping I'd do it after my TT run" I know nothing lasts forever, but you not drawing this comic would make me full of sadness.

Alch said...

Black Racer? Wheres his Skis?!!

Brett said...


Don't worry Jeff, I'm on TT for awhile longer:)


It's a place holder name, something you come up with quickly so you can move forward, changing it later when you have some time to think about it. I usually use som kind of description. Like Bug Girl or Charcoal Girl (mainly to not spill the beans on the last one:))



Javi Trujillo said...

Black Racer kinda reminds me of the suits in Tron: Legacy, but I just watched that yesterday so that might be why. I like it, tho'.

As for Wally, a part of me dies a little inside each time you post art. I wish he were back. Keep trying, sir! Any way we could see this colored if you have the time?

Sylton said...

I'm thinking something like... Racer... or Street... Nitrous... Nitro... NOS... A Pimp Named Fastback...