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Monday, January 30, 2012


A quickish image I did for Norm and Andrew for some prints at C2E2. I'm hoping to get a few others done as well!




Aaron Scott Johnson said...

love it!

BluePrint said...

Lovin the nightwing, do more please

M.O.R said...

Really like it. I have to say, i do love it when artists hark back to Dick Grayson's time as an acrobat. Sets him apart from Batman more.

M.O.R said...

By the way Brett, have you heard the latest sad news.

On a rather sad note...Brett, have you hear about Al Rio's passing?
The news just broke today. Very sad, especially the circumstances.

steve said...

Nice work Brett! Hey why do we have to wait until for September for the first Teen Titan trade. Tell DC that's not cool, I want it in June when the first HCs hit.

Al Rio died? ah, that sucks, He was a great guy to work with.


Brett said...

Thanks Aaron!


More Nightwing? Maybe in the future, I need to do some other ones for Andrew and Norm, including Booster!


Thanks! Yeah, Nightwing should be more like Daredevil but he should look like he's having a good time, he LIKES being a superhero!

Yeah, it's too bad. Suicide is always harder. People second guessing everything.

Thanks Steve!

I think they didn't want to flood the market... but it does suck you have to wait so long. I just finished up issue 7 so the pencils for it are done:)

Here's a Bleeding cool article on it: