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Friday, January 6, 2012

Teen Titans issue 5 DPS Pencils.

In the back of the DC books there have been Q&A's with the creative teams. This month Scott and I are in there along with the inks for this DPS from issue 5. So I thought I'd post the pencils for it (cause i don't have anything else to show you right now;))




Fatboy73 said...

I'm just flabbergasted EVERY single time I see one of your pages Brett. The amount of detail is dizzying.
I'd like to see everyone of your detractors who Pooh Pooh simply because that's what's hip to do with anybody who worked for Image in the 90's, forced to take every line of detail you draw on a page and shove it straight up their ass.

Brett said...

Most hate me simply because they want a more 'realistic' style on the book so they can get back to what THEY liked about the last run. Realism is cool, but to me it lacks a certain UMPH! That I prefer.

My favorite complaints are the ones that seem to think I don't know I'm breaking back, dislocation shoulders and defying the laws of gravity for effect. You have to know the rules before you can break them.. or you should know them before you break them;)

It's a comic it's not real life, SPiderman would be really boring without some strange poses. The Flash wouldn't seem as fast if he ran like a regular guy.



tony said...

Looks great,kick ass superboy.....and brett lol.

Fatboy73 said...

It never made much sense to me that people can suspend disbelief to enjoy reading about a superhero, and then turn around and complain because it isn't realistic enough. When I hear people bitch because of the "broken back" syndrome or something similar, I can just roll my eyes. But it irritates the hell out of me when people right away say "Ugh! Crappy 90's Image art or Jim Lee clone. Why are they still hiring this guy to draw? Because while everyone has their own style of art they prefer, This is simply hating on the anything "Image" from the 90's because it's currently VERY trendy to do so and they know they'll get a bunch of morons to agree, high five and back slap.

David said...

In issue #4, especially, Brett, I saw a few funky pieces of pose and body positioning. I didn't mention it, because I know you know what you're doing. But it kind of struck me as odd, that's all. I guess I wasn't expecting it or something. But I totally agree with your reasoning, and I won't stop supporting your AMAZING art!!

Belmonte said...

Thanks a lot for another amazing piece of art. It's incredible how you represent Superboy's TK. It's like in issue 3 with KF's superspeed double page.
I can't wait till issue five.

ele40006 said...

I think the Teen Titans comic is like a version of "Smallville" and I like it :))

Brian said...

Looks chaotic. In a very good way.

I remain stunned just how much I am enjoying this completely new and different take on TT.