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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wha, wha, Wonder Woman!

I still say she needs pants! It gets cold flying around!




Jay Kay said...

Great piece! :D

One thing I particularly love, and I notice that you do the same thing with Wonder Girl over on TT, is that you do a great job at making her look very fit and athletic while still making her classically beautiful. It's a great mix, since I find a lot of artists just draw her like another starved model.

Steeley said...

Awesome piece,

I agree with you about the pants thing, that was the biggest disappointment about the New 52 for me when everyone changed her look. The bikini briefs look completely out of place.
Also agree with Jay Kay's comments about your approach to female characters.

Godless and Free said...

Couldn't agree more Brett. Put some pants on that wonderful woman! Not that I'm averse to showing a little leg when necessary, but I really can think of zero practical reasons for running around fighting in bikini bottoms. It just looks dated.

Alch said...

Pants? And hide those legs? Outrageous!!!

Brett said...

Thanks Jay!

WW should be tall and muscular. I originally wasn't going to make Cassie like that, but she didn't feel right as a small mousey girl.


I just think that if you were going into battle undies are not the best choice. But some people prefer them.

LOL! Chris, there was a huge backlash because of the pants... I really don't get it but I think they wanted to keep the older fans happy.

Alch, HAha! I prefer a different cut myself, these one are a bit too Linda Carter for me.



Kaden said...

I love how you draw Wonder Woman! Looks great! And I love that you used the version of the boots that Cliff draws...with the points covering the knees. So great.