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Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Sunday, GIve me an 'F', give me a 'U'!

For you're viewing pleasure. Sums up my thought on Theologians quite well.

  And then there is this gem about some REALLY stupid cheerleaders (I know, surprising!);P This actually bring up something that has happened to me on twitter a few times. Religious people claiming their right are being violated because they CAN'T put God in government. I was told gay marriage violated Christian rights! That's right. People doen't seem to understand that THEIR rights end when it comes to another person. This is why you don't see Atheists trying to pass laws that would ban people teaching their kids Christianity/any other religion or sending them to Christian Schools. We understand this is a secular country and even though we don't agree with these things it's your right to do them. So why can't the religious get this? Is it their over inflated persecution complex? A mind numbingly poor understanding of US history? Or is this more of their 'if we say it enough it will become true' trope?

I'll make it easy for you, YOU have certain freedoms, freedom of speech (except for yelling fire in a theater.) You have a right to practice WHATEVER religion you want, or a right to practice NONE. BUT, you don't have the right to inflict your religions ideas on other who don't want them. THIS is why all these stupid gay marriage bans are tossed by the courts, they violate another persons rights, their right to NOT practice your stupid ass bigotry laden religion. Because lets be honest, it's not because your book says this, it's because YOU have a problem with it. You're just using your book to hide behind. Their gay marriage does not effect you AT ALL.

Again, there is no evidence for ANY religion, so why should others be FORCED to follow something that is blatantly false? Yes, the US has a democratic voting process, but we are a republic. That means the many CAN'T vote away the fews rights. EVERYONE IS EQUAL, deal with it and move the hell on. The same goes for the animal rights jackasses who keep trying to take away our right to proteins that humans need to survive. Humans have been eating mostly meats for almost 2 million years. We have evolved to NEED them. If you don't like it, don't eat them, bitch all you want try to make me feel bad, I'll simply ignore you. I WILL not try to force YOU to eat meat like you are trying to force me to eat those twigs and berries I can't stomach.

That's all for this week



M.O.R said...

Thank God/ Buddha/ Darwin/ L Ron Hubbard/ Stan Lee/ Thor/ Zeus/ Pluto/ Osiris/ Poseidon etc you brought up Vegetarians and Vegans. Sorry, forgive that, PETA Vegetarians and Vegans. The militant A-holes who say meat is murder, or so on. Now, don't get me wrong, I think every animal on the planet should be treated with respect, when they deserve it (The Lassie that bit Timmy is Satan's right hand man, however ;)) and those that are fit for human consumption should be treated with utmost respect. Proper feeding, exercise, and lifestyle. None of that force fed stuff in a factory, because the quality is rotten. I also feel that animals should be slaughtered humanely, with a quick, painfree death. Why make an animal suffer far more than it should?
Now, there are foods or animals I will not eat for my own reasons. I grew up around dogs, and I will never eat dog meat, because it would be like cannibalism to me. Same with cats. Liver and Kidneys also taste horrible to me, like iron. I dont eat them. Not a fan of a boiled egg, but an egg salad is okay. Not often though. NEver been a fan of eggs. Not omelettes or scrambled either. (And no, I don't believe the bible line 'I shall provide for you'or whatever it is. I look at my canines and incisors and know I am an omnivore.) I think the main problem globally, and why PETA is getting a strong following, is because we are eating too many fast foods, the likes of which meat is a big part of. Not enough fibres and fruit, and some processed foods that have as much nutrition as a cardboard box.

As for the cheerleaders...what slogans do they plan to use? I would hazard a guess that one or two would be of the 'One man should not lie with a man as he does with a woman.' variety. I really, really, have to wonder what the flying fig these idiots are thinking? Also, is the constitution even taught in schools anymore?
For all the condemnation America does of its rivals, many of them have far more intelligent citizens, who know the law and their rights. Such as France, Cuba and Venezuela. Simply put, they read books.
Btw, have you heard the latest idiocy out of Paul Broun, member of the House of Representatives? The guy who doesn't believe in Evolution, Climate Change, Embryology and other provable facts? And yet he is involved in Science and it's teaching in the US. Yeah, the US is up the creek without the paddle.

M.O.R said...

Actually, that last line should be 'The WORLD is up the creek without a paddle.'

I am grateful, btw, that I am allowed post on these boards. I mean, I wanted to say that before someone else came on and got overly zealous with their religion/ cried fowl or whatever, and then closed this discussion down for the rest of us who wanted a rational, and honest, debate.

As happens all too often (debate every which way but loose, please, but for the love of Jiminy Cricket, don't go getting offended if someone insults the religion you happen to subscribe to). I am one of those people who will find myself getting protective of certain topics, but I will not defend them as much as I will my close friends and family. As I am sure most of us would. They are the only things in my life that are sacrosanct.

This is more of a rant than a post. Sorry.

Take care, Everyone.

TheORKINMan said...

From a legal perspective and as someone with a political science degree I am unconvinced that legal recognition of marriage for anyone is a constitutionally protected right. The government and legislation discriminates all of the time for various reasons, it just can't do so for a specific subset of qualifiers race, age, religion etc... Sexual orientation is not on that list and the Supreme Court has declined to hand down an opinion on this.

Gays already have the right to be religiously married in any facility that is willing to perform the ceremony. If the legislatures agree to allow gay marriage I'm fine with that, but I don't think as the law is written that gays are having any rights infringed upon.

Brett said...


I agree to a point. Is naturally reared food any better for you? Some cases yes and some no. In an ideal world a quick death after a great life would be perfect.

I might eat dog if I was forced to but I don't really know for sure.

Done get me started on the Republicans! They are disgusting and vile. While I am for the 2nd amendment and smaller government, that all must be tempered with wisdom, of which they have none, their complete hatred for knowledge shows this. I still can't believe this is even a race now... the 1% are not trying to help anyone but themselves.


Again you seem to miss the point and are stuck in an old interpretation of human rights. All men are created equal. That mean EVERYONE should have the same rights. That also mena sex should not be involved and that ANY marriage is between 2 PEOPLE. There are no new laws that need to be made, they simply have to change a few words to make it all inclusive. Yes the government discriminates all the time, but that is the LAMEST reason on earth to continue to do so.

Getting married in a church provides NONE of the benefits a legal marriage does. SO I think you need to check out some different schools as all I'm hearing are right wing homophobe talking points.



M.O.R said...

No, please Brett, tell me how you feel about the Republicans. ;)
(Cannot believe Romney is really that close to possibly being President. He screwed up at the last debate, thankfully. But it is still a close call.)

I don't know if naturally raised food is any better for one, but it certainly tastes better, and is treated far better too. The farm fed, force fed food that one finds in a fast food restaurant, the KFC's of the world, is absolutely horrible. Stringy, full of fat with no thanks. Same with factory eggs. Freerange all the way, be it the eggs or the chicken.
What I am trying to say is that meat producing animals should be reared with care. Prevent diseases, allow correct exercise, essentially they should not have to suffer, and be slaughtered humanely. This gives the best product, and it is far tastier too.
In this way, the meat retains more of its minerals and proteins, and less fats. Fats are important, but too much, as can be found in the factory foods, is not.
I personally feel that animals should be treated with utmost respect before they are slaughtered for consumption. I think it comes from seeing animals being slaugthered in an abbatoir when I was 8/9 years old. The process was quick, clean and carried out with as little trauma to the animal as possible.

Even though I am an omnivore, I guess I am all for animal rights. I think any form of cruelty towards animals reflects more on the person than it does on the animal.