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Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Sunday, was 'God' a child and them crazy Mormons!

And this doesn't even mention the magic underwear;) And you're supposed to respect this? You're supposed ignore this insane BS and just sit quietly and not say anything? Do you see how crazy this is? 

How you see Mitt right now is how I see all religion. I love the mythology behind it, but the faith people put into it without evidence? They remind me of that woman in the commercial for the car insurance. The one where 'They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true." 

I also came across this... Was Yahweh child god? Interesting stuff, if true, it's a good place to start looking for a Yahweh's origins. I do love the part about Baal being his main nemesis in the Torah, yet Baal texts NEVER mention him. In this context it makes crazy shit he does in the bible a bit easier to understand. Doesn't change anything just explains a few actions.

OK, back to the grind for me, after this DPS 8 pages left of TT.




Unknown said...

Even with out the batshit crazy Mormon ideology, his wish washy, flip floppy, whatever makes me look best at the moment, stance on everything.
Combined with the current light the media has shed on how he made most of his fortune, Bane Capitol, the "secret" video tape where he made perfectly clear who his concerns resided with and all of the other shit you can pile on top.
Even if you could only believe half of that, it would be enough to make any sane, rational, person
get as far away from him as they possibly could.

Yahweh a child? That would definitely explain the temper tantrums, jealousy, attention seeking and the genocide.

M.O.R said...

David Cross, the comedian, not some other dude, has said during his standup that Mormonism was the Scientology of its day. Crazier than a bag of crasy things.

What I dislike about Mittens and Lyin'Ryan, among other things, is that they clearly do not respect others' beliefs. Obama/ Biden recognises that we must respect those of all faiths, and none. Unfortunately, with Ryan and Romney, from what I have seen, do not.
If Ryan and Romney took power, how long until Roe V Wade would be an issue? Abortion, even in extreme cases, would be looked at, as well as contraception.
And the worst thing is, he has a chance. Yes, in recent debates, the sheen is starting to come off of the pair.
I personally was very proud of how Biden challenged Ryan at every corner. Biden is often portrayed as crazy by the media, but if he was crazy, what does that make Ryan?

Unknown said...

"we must respect those of all faiths, and none."

Have to disagree with you on this point. Faith or non faith definitely doesn't automatically earn or deserve any respect.

Respect, like trust has to be earned. Even then, I respect the person, not the faith.

M.O.R said...
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M.O.R said...

@Chris Hall

I was referring to how one should respect the beliefs of those as a group. Not forcing one to accept one's own beliefs as the ultimate truth. Which we get with Romney and Ryan, but not with Obama and Biden, even if they disagree with another's religious/ spiritual/ atheist views.
Do you believe they will respect anyone's beliefs that are not theirs? As in can you imagine them promoting evolution? Do you think Mittens and the other guy will respect anything other than Creationism? And what about contraception or abortion? One would hope so, but I don't see that happening. Expect crazy changes.

There are aspects of my points that you and I will disagree on, but will we force each other to believe the others views? I sincerely hope not. No more than I would tell a Muslim to go to church, or a jewish person would force me to go to a synagogue.

And yes, I believe in respecting the person, not their beliefs unless they wish to force theirs on me. But when it comes to groups, one has to respect the group (and sadly, yes, we do need to label and put people into groups, For business and political reasons) rather than turning around and denying them a simple respect.

Unknown said...

I think we can both agree that if Romney manages to get elected the next president, the U.S is in for four years of trouble. I'm not saying that he's going to act like some tyrannical, theocratic, despot, blatantly destroying the country.
I'm just saying that from what I know of the Mormon religion, everyone is considered beholden to the leader of he church, even the president.

So what I believe were going to have, is four years of the Mormon church with with a president in their pocket, and Romney subtly putting his churches and his own agenda before the needs of the country and it's people.