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Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Sketch Saturday, it's Grifter time!

20 years ago this past week I received a call from Jim Lee in regards to my Homage Studios Talent Search submission. It went pretty well as I started working there a few months later. So in honor of the HSTS that was in the back of WildCats 2 I drew up an old buddy, Cole Cash, AKA Grifter.

On another note I finished up my Teen Titans runs today, just finished drawing the last page (not page 20, but the last pages that needed to be drawn.) Later today or early tomorrow I start on my next DC book. A happy sad kind of day.

Anywho, more info when I can finally talk about it!




Liquid Lead said...

Awesome drawing!

Since Kindred I, I've been a fan of your work. Personally, your work on Backlash has always had one of the greatest impressions on me. I believe because you had a great hand in creating him and that energy made a GREAT read for me.

As a fellow creator/artist (making his way into the industry)I'm extremely interested in your process for posting your artwork in pencil form so clear and crisp.

If you may, can you describe the steps you take from a drawing in hand to a post on blogger?

Thank you in advance for reading this and for 20 years of cool stories!

Unknown said...

I agree with everything Chauncey stated! And just want to add your run on Teen Titans was awesome! I seen a few of your sketches of Nightwing, please tell me you are moving over to that comic are maybe Grifter!!!!

Morgan said...

Love the drawing man. Been a fan of your stuff for years. By the way that Joker sketch you did a couple week's back scared the hell out of me, didn't think that guy could get any more creepy but you pulled it off! Keep it up!

P.S ever thought about drawing assassins creed characters? With your attention to detail I think they would look awesome!

Unknown said...

big fan of your art from day one, and really like the new designs of for the dc characters and for wildstorms (backlash, taboo,& grifter).
i would like to see your take on the snakes form the metal gear games