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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The many faces of DR. FATE!!!

This is the original drawing, a bit busy, but I was trying to use many Egyptian mythology sources, from the flail and septor to the ankh and Eye of Ra. James wanted him to reflect Egypt, not just the ankh part of it.

Head, shot to show how the helmet works...

In his original colors.... It's a complex costume but I like this on the best still... got all the Egypt bits I wanted into the design...

DC was worried it might be too busy so it was trimmed down. The purists will shit a brick as they have already deemed the new design too busy. They want simple and it's funny I used his old giant undies as the base for the belt. Strange as Egyptian designs were intricate and beautiful. I think it's people own preference of simplicity that is the stumbling block. I like complexity, adds depth to things. Simple is fine but Fate is complex, ancient and otherworldly, he should reflect that.

And then tried it in grey....

And finally black. 

I like the black better than the grey.... Was sad to loose the blue as it's the color of Egyptian royalty but the black does add a bit of spooky to him;)




Juan Maldonado said...

Brett, the design is amazing. you knocked it out of the park, I love it!

Caz Tidrick said...

I'm so glad I get to see these designs for one of my favorite series from one of my favorite artists! Only way for it to be better is if you yourself was drawing the series!

Brett said...


Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do!


I think the Nicola Scott fans would string you up for such blasphemy! Also, she'll be on Face Off next week.

I have talked to James about doing a few backup stories here and there....



DT Butchino said...

That's a great redesign, Brett!

sean mac said...

Man those Fate desgins are sick, I think the first one is the best

Al said...

This is the most awesome I have ever seen Doc Fate. You must get DC to give him an ongoing with you as lead artist of course!!!

Caz Tidrick said...

Oh I know. I love Nicola Scott's work. I just have a preference for your's!

David said...

I actually like that busy version of the costume. I think with Fate it should either be busy like you did or stripped down like he was right before the reboot.

ilTassista Marino said...

>In his original colors.... It's a complex costume but I like this on the best still

. . . and rightly so.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome Dr. Fate re-design, I costume as Dr. Fate a lot at different conventions (DragonCon, Megacon, etc.). I just did his Young Justice version this past DragonCon and I will be adding this one to my list. I absolutely love this design, but god is it going to be a difficult one to pull off.

2tall49 said...

Amazing work on Fate and Nightwing both! Can't wait to get them.

Unknown said...

I really like your new design, even thougth the one with blue looks better then the one they finaly used.

The reason people liked the simple design more is the fact that Dr. Fate never really was based on egyptian lore. Sven Nelson was diging in sumerian soil when he died and his son discovered Nabu and Nabu himself was someone who was beyond "normal" mysticism.

The Gardner Fox approach was more of a theosiphistic one, merging all kind of lore, religion and shamanism together. Giffen used some egyptian symbols (mostly the ankh) in the Flash backups by Pasko but everthing else in there was pretty much universal as well and Gerbers "Countdown to Mystery" story returned to the theosophistic approach as well.

I can't wait to see this new incarnation. Robinson is a great author and I'm really open to new ideas and your designs seems to fit perfectly with everything else that has happend in Earth 2 so far.

Brett said...

Thanks everyone!

John, please send me some pictures when you finish it! Love to see the costumes!!!


While the tomb was Sumerian, Nabu was Egyptian, or wiki is lying to me. But this doesn't really have anything to do with complexity. Sumerian art and ornamentation was just as complex as Egypt. Maybe even more so. I think this is peoples perception that the ancient world was simple and therefor plain. So not the case. But again this is a NEW version of Fate so his origins and costume will reflect that:)



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Actually Nabu is an assyrian / babylonian deity, but as you said, that has nothing to do with complexity.

What I meant was the fact that the "old" Dr. Fate was not really based on a deity but was a more modern idea, based on theosophistic ideas, where all mystic and religious ideas a "true" but reduced to their ideas. The "old" Dr. Fate even used christian scripture as spells.

As I said, I can't wait to see this new interpretation with a whole new history.

Brett said...

Yes, but the wiki page says Egyptian, and the ankh that he's so associated with is Egyptian. And if I recall his origin artwork, there were pyramids at the dig site... egyptian ones. Comics never keep all the mythology they are based on, its more of a guide. After all it's not the real world;) Its more likely thye heard the name and since Egypt was HUGE back in the early 20th, thats the imagery that was used, not Babylonian. So which do you use? Visually he's Roman so....

But that's neither here nor there as some of the fans seem to think ancient cultures were simple and therefore dressed simply. I see it all the time when people draw ancient peoples, simple clothing, simple everything. That humans were making large temple complexes 11,000 years ago and cities 10-6,000 years ago is just not something people are keen to know. They prefer their ancient people simple so anything from that time should be simple looking. So ancient deity should look ancient and simple.

Kinda hard to ignore all those other religions when you are standing shoulder t shoulder with Angels, Gods and Demons in the DC U;) And since all religions borrow from each other ( Noah story is based on Babylonian myths, Jesus is based on Greek and Egyptian myths, Romans took most of the Ggreek pantheon and modified them, ect.) No reason some cross over can't happen in the comics:)

Frogman Studio said...

Hello Brett!
I love your design work.
Not too long ago I made a 'Classic' Doctor Fate helmet, which John used in his costume, and seeing the news on the Earth 2 Fate has been getting me anxious to build this version.

Are you able to say if this is the finished design, at least where the helmet is concerned?

Here's some shots of the build:

And the finished result:

Hope to hear back!

Unknown said...

While I agree, I miss the blue on Fate I LOVE the black and gold combo. It's definitely my favorite color combo.

rm said...

Love this redesign, even though I still dig (certain versions of) the blue original. I wanted to take another look at Brett's sketches after I saw an really great custom figure based on this earth2 Fate; there's been a lot of figures based on the earth2 characters, but this one is something else: