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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! It's Backlash!

Twitter is being really bad. So lets do it this way. This weeks SS is Backlash! I think the guy I'm known most for. Enjoy!



Liquid Lead said...

I have every issue you drew of this series. Great run!

Christopher G said...

What an awesome sketch! Is it for sale?

Brett said...

Thanks Chauncey! Much appreciated!

Christopher, Thanks, but he's sold>



grifter78 said...

I noticed his white eye symbol is different. Were you just experimenting and what's the significance of the symbol you chose?

Unknown said...

Still one of my favorite characters from the original Wildstorm universe. Great seeing him again!

demonpack said...

love it, might be cool if his PSY abilities control the patterns of his own costume.

Unknown said...

is he ever coming back Brett?

DØZ3R said...

Thanks for showing some love Marc's way. I miss the old guy.