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Thursday, February 14, 2008



Well we are currently looking for a new colorst. Georgi had to go back to school (which is really a bummer because he was doing a great job!) So we sent out some art to some colorists too see what we could get.... Well, we got bupkis. I was really not pleased with what we got, since it went to a good coloring/art studio and it was ....unsuitable. So we're currently looking for another colorist. We need quality work so don't waste your time if you've never colored comics before. But, if your interested send me a link via the comments:) I'm looking for a painted look. Similar to the dinosaurs and the cover to #1, cuts and grads will be mocked and pointed at since they look REALLY bad on my art, I know not why.

Well, have at it then:)




cmalidore said...

I would offer to help out like I offered last summer but I just don't have the time to devote to your awesome pencils.

They deserve far better than what I can do hehe.

Best of luck on the search!


Brett said...

I think we actually have some people. They did a pretty good job on Anita the first death, so we'll give 'em a try on this.



DamonO said...

Brett, if you're ever again in need of a great professional colorist, you might want to consider Tom Smith. He can be reached through his Comic Art Fans gallery here:

Brett said...

Thanks for the info I'll check it out.


Anonymous said...

I might suggest Courtney Via, at the very least because she's a friend and she's worked as the colorist for the Hack/Slash comic for at least a couple issues. She can do the more traditional comic style of coloring, but is also capable of a pretty nifty painterly style. You can find her art and contact her through DeviantArt.

Also, though he hasn't worked on a comic project before, I think that Jamie G. is worth mentioning. He has pretty damn good abilities with a paint-like style, that might look good on your lines. I've told him he might want to take a crack at some of your uncolored work if only for the hell of it. Worth a shot, if nothing else. He can also be found and contacted through DeviantArt.

Whoever you eventually find, best of luck! I really dig your dinos something fierce. :}