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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Bugs the Shit Out of Me: The Day After Tomorrow

So the movie the Day After Tomorrow is on FX last night, and even though we've seen it before we watch it for a bit while we're waiting for House to come on. I know this isn't a scientifically accurate movie, but there's just some stuff that bugs the living shit out of me:

They burn the books in the library instead of burning all the chairs, tables, and banisters that would have burned longer and put out more btus. I'm small, sickly and weak and I could still break up a chair if I were freezing.

They don't cover the bloody windows. Anyone who has lived in a vehicle or badly insulated house will tell you that a ton of cold will come through the glass. Cover the windows! You can use all those damned books.

Note to Hollywood: please do not make any more CGI wolves until you can do it properly. Thank you.


Warmaiden said...

LOL Brett. It seems a day don't go by when something doesn't annoy you ;)

I own Day After Tomorrow my self on DVD, got it really cheap. I don't like the movie too much my self, yet I still bought it for some reason. I guess I just liked some of the effects, or the fact that I have always been interested in the Ice Age and the Little Freeze, and the fact that one will one day come back, sooner rather then later. But yeah, the movie has a lot of stinker moments, bad science, over the top effects, dull and retarded characters with that optimistic view that everything will be just okay in the end...yeah right. Emmerich hasn't made a really good movie since Stargate...I am hoping 10,000 BC is at least decent as that is another time period I like in history.

Anonymous said...

I said the same thing about the CGI wolves. Then I saw the lame "Exorcist: The Beginning" and said it again about CGI hyenas. :)

Warmaiden said...

I study 3D animation and modeling at school so I tend to watch just about anything that has CG in it. One thing I have noticed is any movie that uses Lightwave 3D, which was the first program I learned to use, looks fake or just badly done. Lightwave was used in Exorcist: The Beginning, another bad movie. While this program is good for TV Shows like Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek, for films it never looks very natural or good. Like in Nardia, all the animals have that CG fill to them. IF you want realistic graphics, Maya is the only way to go when it comes to super serious CG, unless you use your own program like Lucus Film and Pixar.

Brett said...

LOL! That's was Jess's rant not mine:)


Warmaiden said...

sorry, I just now saw the name at the bottom of the post. Sorry Jess ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the line about burning the tax law books was pretty funny :)