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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crystal Skulls

Oh, were to start. The other day I started looking up reviews of the new Indiana Jones movie the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I noticed that the Scifi channel was running a special on the mysteries of the skulls. I knew about them but couldn't remember that much, so I wikied them. Wiki basically says they were man made in the 19th century. They found traces of water in some of the grooves and used that to date them. Cool. They mention the most famous one (which has a detached jaw) and the story about how this girl and her father (an archeologist) claim to have found it on a dig in the 20's. Well his field notes make no note of the skull and in fact (according to wiki) she was not at the dig. So I decided to watch the show as not much else was on.

It starts off that according to the mayan calendar (which is more accurate than ours, this is a fact, go ahead look it up!) the world will end on December 20th, 2012. I've heard this before, it's not new. There are plans on making several movies about it. One might be an x-files movie. But anyways, they said on the show that to avoid this occurance (something to do with a cosmic alignment, which might actually have some merit, if I remember correctly a number of planets will align somewhere around then) all 13 skulls must be found and brought together, some sort of energy would be released and we would all be saved..... Oh and some think that the US found a robotic skull on the moon (they had a very grainy photo as proof, it could have been a bigfoot skull but since it's on the moon, robots seemed more likely. They had a bunch of new agers claiming the skulls had healing power. That healing skull, named Max (it spoke telepathically to the woman who has it,) was given to this woman by some sort of healer right before he died, he wasn't very old, maybe 50, funny how the skull didn't help him. This woman brought her daughter to this healing skull with some sort of terminal illness, then never say the skull cured her, or even mention that she lived, died or what. She now goes around bringing Max to help heal others....

So now people are looking for the last 5 skulls, we've found 8 so far, if found is the proper word since they have yet to actually find them anywhere but european art dealers. So they are looking in S. America for the last 5. They, surprisingly, in the tradition of Ghost Hunters and Destination truth, don't find another one on the show. I couldn't watch it all so I tuned the channel after the first half hour and then watched the last half hour. The funniest thing is, except for the South Americans, all the new agers were middle age white people (a few might have been in their 30's.)

They also make it a point to say that the skulls are made out of the same thing as modern microchips....well sort of quartz crystals are a nature form of crystals. So they were made of naturally occuring crystals, not the ones grown for the computers we all use.

On a strictly religious note, if the world ends on 12/20/2012 it will prove all other religions false...but we'll all be dead so it won't really matter. Of course it could just mean a new rebirth and everything will be fine. I'd say it might also validate the Christian faith but they don't give an exact date so it can't be proven, like the mayan religion can.

Now you have a bit of background for the movie!

In other news:

I read that the next transformers movie will have Soundwave in it. This one will have more robots, apparently for every second the robots appear it cost $1 million dollars (mwa, mwahahah, mwahahahahah!) More robots ithe first movie wasn't in the budget.

I've seen several commercials for the new Hulk movie. Looks good. Hulk Smash!

I still need to see Iron Man. I've actually read a couple of good reviews for Speed Racer. I might check it out at some point, I'll need a bigger screen on my TV first.

Lots of super hero/scifi movies later this year, Hulk, Hancock, Hellboy2, Batman, X-files.... hopefully better than last summer!

As for this picture, I've been informed that Megaraptor is now considered a carchadontosaurid I drew up a picture a few months ago of it as a spinosaur so here it is. It's kind of a companion piece to the suchomimus I did awhile ago.

Also if anyone reads or finds anything that might tickle my fancy, please post it in the comments!

The Tahoe is fixed for the moment. And the Bean wasn't able to get his leg plated liked we had hoped. He now has a modified version of the rod contraption he had before.

That's all for now.



Warmaiden said...

Oh man, I just watched that Crystal Skull’s crap this morning after I DVR it. I’ve know about the skulls for a few years now but this show was total crap. I don’t know why Sci-Fi was trying to make them selves out to be the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. They didn’t have a clue what they were doing. It was just a shameless tie-in to the new Indie movie, which doesn’t look very good anyways. Worse yet, the show was an excuse to let a bunch of conspiracy nuts have two full hours to babble on about crap without looking at the facts or history. Good thing you didn’t watch it all. I was losing my head trying to keep up with all the theories they kept brining up. One minute it goes from Atlantis (even saying that the skulls appeared in Stargate Atlantis, which it didn’t, it was season 3 of SG1), then to aliens, then to Martian civilization, then to a civilization on the moon made of crystals (someone watching too much Superman), to a moon robots, to Egypt to the Mayas and on and on and on…oh yeah, and mentioned Area 51 like a dozen times. It was such crap. And of course they had some old dude who was their expert, some former NASA consultant back in the early ‘60s. As far as we know, the dude only worked on the windows to Apollo. Funny thing to, they kept brining up the Face on Mars image, but kept showing the old ‘70s photo but not any of the newer ones taking from modern probes and satellites.

Their so-called science, just some nut with a camera taking heat readings was stupid as he said the skull retained more heat then the surface of the table, but all crystals retain heat. As for the healing one, well when don’t new agers things everything has healing powers. The story of the healing skull was a joke. The ladies daughter was said she had 6 months to live, but after the got the skull, she lived 3 more years. I don’t think the skull did anything to save her obviously and when don’t doctors say you only have 6 months to live. All of the other evidence, they just plainly ignored or just barely mentioned. I guess they don’t want to discredit Indie 4.

I’ve heard that the Maya calendar is more accurate but I am tired of hearing one doomsday prediction one after another. The Maya’s just say it is a end of one way of life and a beginning of a new…whether that is good or bad, who knows, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Come December 22nd, I’ll be we still be worrying more about what we’re getting for Xmas then the end of the world. And they said we don’t need all the skulls to save the world, just a few of them but they didn’t say how many…of course.

Transformers 2…I’ll see it but I hated the first one. Michael Bay is the crappiest director every. The do has the attention span of a nat.

I saw Iron Man. It was pretty good but suffered from some really choppy editing and a uninspired story. Hulk and Batman look awesome. The rest I’ll download when they come out.

Great Dino picture too Brett…Very mean…Draws some V- Raptors one day ^^

Nessie Knows said...

WOW, you guys actually saw most of it? I feel asleep. History Channel did something about the skulls as well. Who knows I will try and watch most of it when they repeat 4 or 6 hundred times like they normally do. Just like the History of the 300...ugh...

Anyway hope your week is going better than mine *stupid servers*...oh and FRANKY ROCKED...good deal....

Anonymous said...

Glad the Tahoe is up and running. And hopfully bean has a full recovery. one question on the art. in the background are two dinosaurs with horns. thet look like the main dinosaur on the dinosaur ride at animal kingdom. i thought that dino was made up for the ride. is it actually real?


Brett said...


You are a braver man than I! I'm glad I missed all the conspiracy stuff. I can only take so much of that. Thanks for the info on the healing skull and the girl!


Glad you liked Frank! Hopefully I'll be able to stomach the history channel show;) Thanks for letting me know they has one.


I fixed it myself. 3 times at the car fixy place and I have to do it myself....grrr.

The dinosaur is called carnotaurus. I have a colored version on an older post. They were indeed real, late cretaceous Argentina to be exact. 30 feet long. The ones in Disney are based off the original, which actually has a good deal of skin so we know what it basically looked like, only they made it T. rex size at about 40 feet.



Mountaineer_Elf said...

Wow...busy post! Nice long update. :) Glad to hear the car's fixed. I just threw 200 bucks into mine. *grumble*

Hope Bean gets better! Scratch behind the ears for me.

I kind of thought they'd put Meg into the carchar slot (what you call me? ppft)

Man...if you can't tell...I had a hell of a long day.