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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm finishing up Frank 3 this week. So posts will be sparse. But to tide you over here's a toned Majungasaurus from Madagascar. I'm trying to figure a way of doing something cool with the smaller pictures that aren't really worthy of full colors. This was too soft looking, but it only took a few minuets from start to finish. It's in B&W but can be colored into sepia tone if that looks better:)

I'm not sure if the arms are right on this guy, I'll have to check. They released info on the head along time ago and didn't get to the boy until after I did this! I even emailed the guy in charge to ask questions and just got some vague ideas. This beast used to be called Majungatholus but was later found to be the first good specimen of Majungasaurus. I might have to do a proper on of these things...




Anonymous said...

This guy has all these short little spines on his back, showing off some fine detail work.

Those arms? I've never seen a style like that before. They almost seem..."unrefined." That's how those dinosaurs were structured back then right?

I like the gradient effect on his side. That's kind of similar to the 'bleaching' effect animals have from cold/hot temperature exposure.

Well done.


Brett said...

Hi Raid,

Abelisaurs had either the classic meat eater arm with 3 fingers or these sort of stumps like Carnotaurus, which has 4 fingers but only 2 claws, with no real fore arm. They are some strange critters:)



Anonymous said...

just plain wow! i love it. CAn't wait for the dino book to come out.