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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ugh.. Tired today. My head is killing me so I can't work. I need to scan stuff but I have to get this promo piece done first...

Anyways, 2 new dinosaurs have been found, one in South America that sort of fits between Eoraptor and this guy Coelophysis. And then a new sauropod from the Sahara about 65 feet long.

Hopefully new dinosaur pictures this week!

I saw Wanted, it was pretty good. I don't get why everyone loves Angelina Jolee, she's way to skinny for me, she needs a sammich. I was hoping for a new Matrix, but was disappointed.

I have yet to watch the new Batman, X-Files, or Hancock. Hopefully Batman tonight as this is the season of nothing on TV.




Hannah JS Davis said...

I say no on X-files especially if you've ever been a hardcore X-filer like myself, it totally flopped (and was horribly predictable). Batman was frikkin awesome and I feel was well worth the go, however some things DID bother me which I won't mention- No spoilers from moi ;) Hancock is not quite what the ad's made it out to be but that doesn't make it bad, in fact it was a nice surprise. I personally enjoyed it. I'm not too interested in seeing Wanted though, dunno why :E

AND, dino art :) Always a plus in my book!

Ezequiel said...

Tremendous work Brett!!

I suggest not start with x-files 2... I was very dissapointed with it...

on the other hand, today was presented a new Unenlagine dromaeosaur in Argentina. It is called Austroraptor cabazai, and is one of the biggest dromaeosaurs (it reaches 5 meters!!!)...

I'll try to get some pictures from it...

Mountaineer_Elf said...

Love the Coelo! Cant wait for the new dinos either. I havent seen the Xfile movie, but I did see Batman (have it on BluRay) and would say definitely watch it first. My boyfriend read all the comics when he was younger and though he said there were differences, they sure didnt mess up like XMen did.

I loved Wanted (not for Jolie) just because it was really cool. On the BluRay they had an alternate beginning which was really awesome, but I still like the theatrical version. Makes me feel like I wont sit at my desk the rest of my life. Not that I will be an assassin, but you get my drift.


Mark said...

Jolie IS way way too skinny. I have always said Brad Pitt was a moron for breaking up with Jennifer Aniston. But anyways, awesome artwork Brett. For me, you are the definitive paleoartist. Looking forward to more.


Brett said...

Thanks for all the input. I did enjoy Batman, more than I thought I would. Heath Ledger was good, but to me Mark Hamill will always be the voice of the Joker. I much preferred Heath to Nickleson though. I might watch Hancock tonight:)

Ezequiel if you get any reference please let me know! That's one big dromaeosaur!

Thanks for the kind word Mark:)