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Friday, December 5, 2008

TV: Revenge of the Nerds

I love nerds (the preferred term in our household is 'geek.') I married two of them. (Not at the same time.) Geeks and nerds on TV or in the movies, are, for us geekophiles, a kind of private joke. You always know somebody 'just like that.' (And there are many kinds of geeks, you can see an entire subspecies of geek, the Dog Geek, in the movie Best in Show.) There is plenty of cross-over in geekdom, so one kind of geek can certainly relate to and enjoy another kind. One of Brett's favorite shows is the Big Bang Theory, which features science (physics) geeks, which are by default comic/sci fi geeks as well. Interestingly, they spend a lot of time getting the science right:
"UCLA Professor of Physics and Astronomy David Saltzberg is the science man behind the curtain, and many of the punchlines. He also writes equations on the set’s white boards. "Physicists love to nitpick, so for the 100 in the 10 million people who might watch the show, I try to get it as close to 100% accurate as I can," Saltzberg commented in an interview with USA Today."

Incidentally, I enjoy this show a lot more now that Leonard seems to have given up his pursuit of Penny. Sorry, that was a relationship doomed to failure.

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