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Monday, December 7, 2009

More Anthros

I don't know if these have been posted yet but enjoy:)




Anonymous said...

Okay, I add rhino women to the list of things which are just wrong. Very creepy. :)


Baron said...

Yes, the first & the you posted before, no matter they look good.

MuffinHunter said...

Haven't seen the rhino lady before (very creepy cool) but I'm pretty sure the other two were on the DA site when you were still using it, if not here. Either way, awesome to see some more anthro stuff.

andrew said...

what is your process to creating this amazing artwork? I just think it is the amazing stuff ever

ENORCA said...

I think these drawings are one of the best ones I've seen on this blog, yet :D

Anonymous said...

First, I would like to say that you are an amazing artist and have been a great inspiration to me. I also wanted to let you know that you can now delete your deviant art account if you still want to. Just log into your account and then go to and you can delete it from there.


Brett said...

Aw common Steve a little junk in the trunk never hurt anyone;)

Thanks for the kind words everyone,

I know the gecko and warthog guy were on DA but figured I put them here as well, I just wasn't sure if they had been post on the blog yet. I'm trying to figure what new or not and my mind is getting old and slow;) I though the Rhino woman was different as well sort of strange and ogrey.

The process is simple, I find some pictures of the animal and I do a layout then I try to incorporate what features I should adapt. it's completely arbitrary so they are all a bit unique. I've been doing this a long time so it's second nature.

Thanks for the info Victoria! I'll see what I can do:)