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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pterosaur guy

NOT a Dinosaucer, but a regular anthro that I did a few years ago. Notice that it's much cooler;)

I just finished the last Percy Jackson book. It did not disappoint! Unlike a lot of books now a days that have final battles that end in 20 pages, this ending took half book. Fricken awesome! I'm even more pissed I can't draw it now!




MuffinHunter said...

Very cool. Interesting choice with the lack of wings.

As an aside, the word I had to enter for verification to post this was "godless". :)

Jose said...

Hello Brett,

Have you ever read the Shannara series, by Terry Brooks? and if so, what do you think?

Fan since Kindred series 1!

Brett said...


THAT was priceless!LOL!

He has wings they are just made of some kid of energy thing, or something I can't really remember. But the 4th finger isn't real and it extends, the wing then forms from energy or something and attaches to a spot on his thigh/hip I believe it's a circly thing.:)


I have read the first one of those, Jess read a bunch of them. It was OK, a bit to much detail in the surroundings for me. But other than that pretty good. I'm more of an Eddings fan myself. I do know that the author doesn't own the rights to it.



Inaire said...

Yeah that series is pretty awesome. I heard you also read Ann MCcaffrey's pern both are good series. If I may sugest a new one? the Wheel of time series by Robert Jordan and his succesor Brandon Sanderson are quite nice. Or Eragon its pretty good.