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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was around twelve or so when the first Tron came out. I remember sitting in an almost completely empty theatre with my friend Michelle, who didn't get it at all and kept asking me what was going on.

People are a lot more computer literate now.


SpotWeld said...

I keep looking at this Tron promo and I keep thinking "There's no way that this can end up being bad..."

I fully admit it could turn out to be a lousy movie, but it will still *look awesome*.

Anonymous said...

Tron is one of those geek classics that I just don't get. It is kind of fun to look at but the story just never connected with me.


Brett said...


I'm with you, I'm hoping this will be good!


I didn't get it the first time I saw it, only after I started to get into computers did I 'get it', not that there's some secret subplot or anything. Don't worry I won't make you watch it with me thinking you'll finally like it;) I did watch part of Tremors 3 last night:)



midnite00 said...

Tron is one of the movies I remember watching as a kid and not really having to get, it just made sense.

I hope the director doesn't let the improved computer animation override the story elements of the movie.

Pai said...

All the CG in Tron was hand-coded in DOS. I can't even imagine how tedius and time consuming that must've been... it was very impressive at the time.

This movie will either 'nail' the geeky vibe of the original, or fall on it's face. I hope it works out.

The remake needs to have a cameo by the Bit, or I'll be disappointed. =P