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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This was done years ago for a friend of mine, I had done an earlier piece that helped him get the license for this project. I figured since we already have Thundercats and Dinosaucers revamps on here, I might as well toss in a He-man as well;) These would be the badguys;)



I found some other redesigns by a Marvel cover artist that are quite cool, go here!


Baron said...

Hi Brett,

the bad guys together on one piece
is really cool. ;O)

I bought the TPB of Masters of the Universe Years ago.
There are two more pieces of you.

One with the good guys as a group and one with He-Man and Teela...

Fantastic pieces ;)

Would like to see more revamps of you, yeahhh


Inaire said...

This looks fantastic. by the way someone asked me why you have so clean art and nothing graphic. I lol did know what to say so why do you only do art below adult rated and such. If you don't mind me asking.

Brett said...


I can't find those other pictures anywhere so I can't post them.

Right now it's just Dinosaucers, but I'm working on the Triceratops guys right now.


I have done some in the past, but I can't post that stuff on a public blog, I push it enough with the religion bashing;)

There is some stuff out there, but I don't really feel the need to do any adult stuff right now.



loved by death said...

Hello, My name is Chiara and I watched you on Deviantart. I feel upset about what happened to you. I'm trying to contact you here because I tried, time ago, to color one of your drawings and now that it's finished I'd like you to see it.
I like very muche the way you draw, the clean sign and the correct proportions, and your dinosaurs look just amazing!!!
here you are the link of your drawing:

hope you like it ^^

Chiara Beatrice

Fatboy73 said...

I'm digging those He-Man redesigns.It's kinda like heroin chic meets Marilyn Manson.My only problem is that they look like they're so depressed that they're just gonna say Hmmph...fighting...whatever...And just go off themselves.

Jordan said...

Thanks for the new desktop background, Brett. :)