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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuck St. Paddies Day

Yes, let us all celebrate the feat of getting rid of all the 'snakes' from Ireland. Let's keep in mind, 'snakes' means everyone who wasn't Christian, as there haven't been snakes in Ireland for a very long time, long before homo sapiens set foot there. So go ahead and celebrate this great feat, you and the Pope can get along just fine;) By the way, he's now been implicated in the whole pedophile/priest thing as well.

And people wonder why I find the whole religion thing horrible.



Katurah C. Rogers said...

The Lady is a confirmed heathen.

Warmaiden said...

lol damn Brett. I bet you just lock yourself up in a deep bunker every Xmas - Religion in the air.

I'm part Irish myself but St. Patrick's day meant nothing to me growing up beyond the stupid school crap they put every kid through. And here I thought there was a separation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

Interesting though that christianity is supposedly about "tolerance of others" yet the Catholic church made this man who showed no tolerance a saint.....

Brett said...


Excellent! All my plans are falling into place!


I hate X-mas because of the 4 songs that get played over and over again. Births are happy occasions (not that believe Jesus was real or even born on the 25th if he was) but 'expelling' a bunch of people because they disagree with you... so much worse. Plus with x-mas you have Santa and gifts and who doesn't like giving/receiving gifts?;)


I don't think any religion is really about tolerance. They are about control. IF the Christians were so into tolerance, then the Crusades and the Inquisition wouldn't have happened and Homosexuals getting hitched wouldn't be such an imagined issue;)

The Catholic church is trying to make the Pope who didn't denounce the Nazi's a Saint as well... I guess their idea of a miracle is different than the rest of ours.