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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Sunday, Time for some Blasphemy!

Well, maybe just the first one, and I guess only to the Catholics. I don't agree with some of the cuts names, but it was slightly amusing. It did however make me very hungry for some beef and I actually found some good steaks the other day and they were excellent. One thing El Paso DOESN'T have is good steaks, so finding some is quite a treat!

This is for all the Alien's are coming people. Quite an interesting read!

This one was just funny, but where are the dinosaurs!!!!:)

This was posted in the comments: "But Noah did not fear, for he kneweth that the Lord did haveth his back. Verily, he did strideth from his cabin to the bow of the ark, and shaking his staff disapprovingly did spaketh, “Begone, Giant Squid. This ark is not a giant crustacean with which to filleth thine belly. Go forth, and I shall not have to harm you, as all of the Lord’s creatures are mine buddies.” But the Giant Squid listened not. And the platypuses did hisseth, and the hippopotamuses did belloweth, and the cats did “lol”eth."

All found over on Pharyngula.

Sorry for the lack of posts, massive head aches this week. So when I'm feeling OK, I'm working. New stuff soon.




Marcus Hooker said...

Have you ever seen Eddie Izzard? He's a comedian and frequently talks about religion. This is a clip of him talking about "evil" animals that deserved to be killed with during the noah's ark story.

Brett said...

Hi Marcus,

Yep I know him, I've seen some of his specials on BBC America. Quite amusing:)



^^W^^ said...

I always enjoy your blasphemy posts. Here's something in return:


Brett said...

Very funny!

Thanks for the laugh!



steve said...

Kind of funny, but pretty sad because it is so true.

Hypocrisy is never attractive. I hope the Catholic church is able to make some of the changes us from a Protestant tradition have been saying are necessary for at least 500 years.

Maybe, just maybe, even though the homosexual clergy and child abuse scandals are terrible it will finally help the Catholic Church see what others have pointed out to be a flawed governing system.


steve said...

I was commenting on the Sari posted cartoon.

Brett said...

Hi Steve,

We actually agree on most of this:) I don't see anything wrong with Homosexual clergy, it's the pedophile clergy that I think needs to be purged from the system.



Andrew Olson said...

Booth Vader,

"Quite an interesting read" could be used to describe the books by Timothy Good with the forwards by the Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Hill-Norton, former Chief of the Defence Staff and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, and definitely the book by Robert Trundle, Is ET Here?