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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

July is cover month!

I have 5 covers coming out in July, Circus of the Damned which I posted earlier and then these. Vampire Huntress #1. I drew the interiors of this one as well.

My last official work for this book. That's all for now.

Pulse of Power cover I drew last summer.

My favorite Vala cover so far. I dislike the #2 cover but this one is much better. That is a harmonica she's holding:)

I'm also doing the interiors of Storm Front #8, they messed up the name on the solicitations. And I'm guessing that cover I drew for #7 isn't going to be used for the actual books. Maybe the trade?




MuffinHunter said...

How many issues of Storm Front are left? Are you drawing the rest of them?

Brett said...


4, I'm doing 4 pages from the 6th issue (or Vol 2 #2) and then the last 2 issues. I'm STILL not sure what's going on after that. I'm halfway done with the last issue.



admin said...

Is it normal for a different artist to do the covers instead of the one who did the interiors?

Jess said...

Suzy- Yes. The comics industry still panders to the collector mentality that was so prevalent in the early nineties. You have people who follow characters; this is why you will see guest appearances or cross-overs between books, it drives up sales. You have people who follow artists; this is why a more 'popular' artist will do covers on a book with a less well-known artist doing the interiors. People will buy the book for the cover. Then you have plain old collectors, who will buy every variant cover just to have a complete set.

Anonymous said...

Is it because he is touching her ear? Cause if so, that's pretty lame of them.

Anonymous said...

Argh, wrong section! Sorry!

Adam said...

I woun't lie I'm the type that likes the artist more than the story sometimes so yeah i follow arist, there have been books (i woun't name names they know who they are) were they have "the best writer" doing story lines but the art is just so jumbled that its nearly unreadable.I mean if they wanna do things that way drop the art and wright a book, but the other way when you have a great artist but a lackluster writer that artist makes a book better. I may be wroung in my views and it may anger some but it is how i feel.
And on another note..I miss Farscape....sigh.(Lov the Claudia art)

Brett said...


I completely agree with you. A bad artist can kill my interest in a book. Personally some writers just don't do anything for me, some are severely under rated, but that's how these things go.

I got to the point were I would only follow the artist if he also did the insides of the book, covers are nice but it's one image, inside I get LOTS more.

I drew the first issue of Vampire Huntress so that's all me. Frank, well I won't be working on that again. Pulse, I was supposed to draw that but things didn't fall into place and I would have liked to draw the Stargate book, I'm a big fan of both Claudia and the show:) I actually don't like to do too many covers, you sort of loose the ability to do pages for a bit, different mindset. This is just a weird month, but on the flip side, the Dresden issue I drew that also ships this month has a different cover on it, one I didn't do. So 2 issues and like 6 covers from me, won't happen again anytime soon, it's like an eclipse;)