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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Like a Phoenix!

A commission done years ago, a remake of an Uncanny X-men cover, Dave Cockrum I believe.

I did want to thank everyone for the kinds words on the last blog post, seriously I was just having a bit of fun but I do appreciate the sentiment:) When I do stuff like that please feel free to pile it on Roast Style if you want. I won't take offense... or will I?;) I may one day stop blogging but there would be something more official or serious sounding and it would take more than one person hating my work, maybe 3. Yeah, 3, that's were I draw the line!

I was a Jim Lee clone when I first got into the biz, I won't deny that, that's WHY I got hired! Just like Jeff Scott Campbell was an Art Adams clone (I actually started out as an Adams clone when I first started drawing comics.) Everyone has their roots, the key is trying to develop your own look once you finally get noticed, not an easy feat. Also important is to keep working at getting better, once you get complacent, well the art stagnates and then you start the downwards spiral towards suckiness.

I don't actually look for praise, I like having a more friendly relationship with fans, thus the more friendly goofy atmosphere here (unless you want to argue about religion then I don't hold back... much.) And if you have questions please don't be afraid to ask, or if you don't want to do it in public my email address in listed in my profile. If I don't back back to you in a few days I'm either sick, really busy or I just forgot, email me again. I'll get back to you, really, for realz.

Eventually Jess or I will get around to a post about tracing art and being influence by art, but we've both got some crappy cold... again.

More Sunday Blasphemy tomorrow, it's Shroud of Turin time!

Thanks again!



tkd_dbull said...

I hear you on that "Clone Saga" as an artist whether your a penciller or an inker. Trying to get a foot hold in the comic field. Your either praised or hated for it.

As an inker back then, I was doing the "Austin" style of inks. To break in. And was the victim of the clone style when working on the "Avenger West Coast book" trying to develop something other than what the clone artist's out there was doing.

The "clone style" was the double edge sword for certain artists out there. You never know were your career might go.


Brett said...


I've also heard it happen to colorists as well. The key is getting in and then being able to change the art slowly, to fast and it's like hiring a different artist. It happened at WS with the new artists. They'd come in with their style or a clone style, some tried to make drastic changes right away and then screw themselves because it wouldn't work. Some styles just don;t mesh well.

I can see the Austin in your inks, I see someone else too. I can't remember the name, but only on the one piece, the others not so much.