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Monday, May 17, 2010

More 'Tarzan Boy'

I've actually read Tarzan, this is nothing like Tarzan, except the half naked dude in the jungle part. But every good artist has to have an 'Wild Man' right? Eventually I'll decide weather I want to pursue this idea further, but for right now, some splash images are kind of fun, maybe I'll do some prints.

Anyways, just an early FYI. I will be attending the first ever EP-Con in El Paso, TX this September 11th and 12th. If you're in the area come on by, we can chat and whatever.




Elisha H said...

Dude! Don't usually comment on blogs and stuff, but I just recently bought a copy of the Guilty pleasures Graphic Novel, and your art has totally blown me away. Love the way you draw guys with big meaty legs, and that you don't shade yout work or play with line widths that much. It is what it is, and I could look at it all day - it's different. I like that.

Brett said...

Hi Elisha,

I don't think I've ever heard that my men have meaty thighs, women yes (particularly Anita but she's SUPPOSED to have them;)) but I'll take it:)

I used to do a lot of that shade work, in the biz we call it rendering, but I decided to try and go another route years ago:) Glad you like it! Different is always good in my book:)



Cynical Nerd Rage said...

I hereby vote you have this character part of your Neanderthal idea. He is too cool to pass up and leave in Oblivion (not the game). And since the N'Thals are awesome as well, makes perfect sense to put them in one bowl of awesome-ness, stir and serve to the fan boys out there.

Love the scars, really nicely done. I love it when a picture has a ton of motion in it like this one does.

Excellent work.

Now I will stop posting about how good your art is. Nothing worse then a artist with a big head...

they end up drawing meaty thighs. =-p


Jess said...

Never fear. If Brett gets too uppity I will just beat him back down. The easiest way is to look a page for a while and then say, "hmmmm. That part looks...funny."

Ben Jones said...

Glad you could make it to the EP con man I was the one behind the scenes to get you there lol. I think ill be there as well and even though I know you hate inkers lol I might have to try and ink a piece of yours for the con.

Brett said...

Hi James,

Hmmmmm... maybe. Of course if I told you what I was planning I would have to, ah, ignore you or soemthing;)

I've wanted to do something with Neanderthals for awhile now. Maybe once my indentured servitude to Dynamite has ended;)

Hi Ben,

Cool, thanks for thinking of me;)

I just turned in a pin-uppy thing for the show, we'll see how it goes:)

Derek Ruiz from DabelBros is also planning on going so there will be several people from the blog there:)