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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A few colored Mesozoic images

The first actually appeared on the BBC's web page and, surprisingly enough Fox News. That made my day!

I drew this quickly for Art Evolved. They have a sort of drawing contest, with out the contest part. An animal or type of animal (dare I say Kind:P) is voted upon and then you draw it. They give you 3 months or so so plenty of time. This time I waited to the last minute and whipped the pencils out in about an hour. I decided to try coloring it the morning it was due and it took me about an hour and a half. The cool thing about under water stuff, soooo easy to color;)




James H said...

I think your art is fantastic!
I love it all... I think that it is inspirational and just overall excellent!
I hope one day I could be that good! I am 13 and have a long way to go...
Hope you continue with it all!

admin said...

Love the velociraptor. Feathers FTW!

Brett said...

Hi James,

I actually got into comics late, in fact I was 13 at the time;) I didn't get into drawing dinosaurs until I was 27:)

I'm glad you like the art:)


For some reason I still don't liked the feathered look all that much, but related species were feathered and they found quill knobs on the arm bones of velociraptor, so they were also feathered. Now the bug debate is were did feathers start, should T. rex also be feathered? It's now thought that the dinosaurs ancestors were feathered, at least proto feathered, so there might be feathers in all dinosaur lines.



Fatboy73 said...

You know,the whole theropod /bird connection theory has been around for
a while now and the feathers makes perfect sense.But I just can't get the image of a giant voracious razor toothed chicken running around out of my head,and every time I think about it I just have to chuckle.