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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Circus of the Damned #4 Cover

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse. It's all spooky and snakey.




violet said...

hi mr Booth, i was wondering why dont u keep doing the Anita blake comic's art work, i mean i love ur work and the way u creat Anita, and pls im begging u to be the one who does the art work for the comics, not only the cover but everything...i personly beg u pls pls pls i <3 u!!

Brett said...

Hi Violet,

The current Anita artist is contracted through the third book, so even if I wanted to (I did ask about it last year) I couldn't. Plus I'm contracted to work on the Dresden Files books so it's not possibly for me to return to Anita right now.



Savage Juno said...

Great cover. I swear you are the best at balancing a page (if that makes sense).

The husband and I are reading the Dresden books now and love them, so thanks for introducing. Will you be working on Dresden past Fool Moon (sorry if I'm asking something you have already answered)?

Brett said...

Thanks Leslie,

I makes perfect sense to me, and thank you!

I'm under contract for issues so I owe Dynamite 10 more after this last Dresden Storm Front issue. So I may or may not be doing more. Of course I might just piss Dynamite off and they'll give me the boot;)