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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Covers, covers everywhere...

Cover for Circus of the Damned #5, can't find the colored one... computer... annoying today.

Andrew's working on the colors for this right now. Should be cool, but this jpeg sucks!

There's a colored version of this, I'm guessing not approved yet. My favorite Vala cover!

Just finished the last cover for this last week.

And I just did the #2 cover for this last week. What's with the covers you ask? They keep handing them to me! Really, I don't ask they just toss them at me. I prefer interior work myself... Next month only 4 covers! That's the third if the other 3 will be Anita, Moon Called and Vampire Huntress? Why... Fool Moon, that's right kiddies, Dynamite has decided I need no sleep so we're heading right into Fool Moon, which I just started today, this should be fun:) At least it's got werewolves!



Edit: After this month I won't be doing more covers except for Dresden and Anita. Also, thank you Art and Oezden for sending the files, no need to send me anymore. I had them in emails I was just too lazy to look through them. That is all.

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