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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kevin of the Ape Men in color... sorta'

Just got Painter 11, I wanted to try a more water colory look for the Kevin images... Problem one, it took 3 tries to get the damn thing to installed. Problem 2, it's not intuitive AT ALL! I know what it can do as Jess colored up some of the anthro stuff with it. Once I figured out where the hell the water color brushes were it wouldn't let me open a tiff file to mess with. Problem 3, not enough Memory... 98 gigs available on the drive it was on with another 100 gigs on the scratch drive and NOT enough memory for a 9 MB file?!?!? Seriously?!... I remember the old Painter having problems with memory but DAMN! Jess is going to have to show me how to use it, after an hour this is all I got... on a jpeg file.

Ah well.




M.O.R said...

Lot more productive than I have been with Painter.

There are some very good tutorials over on, and I know total video training have an introduction to Painter DVD, with Ryan Church showing the user how to use the program. Saw clips of it, and it does look helpful.

tkd_dbull said...

Try out Paint Tool Sai.

You can see the how it works on YouTube.

Jess said...

We cannot watch videos. Our satellite connection is usually too slow (a video of less than two minutes takes a half an hour to load) and we are limited on the amount of MB we can download.

Brett installed the program while I was ill, which is a no no. I will probably uninstall it and reinstall.

Rhio2k said...

Dude, that isn't memory, that's storage space you were telling us you have. Nobody has 100gb of memory. The program is saying it needs more ram, sdram, or ddram (depends on your motherboard and whether or not it was made in the last decade), not a bigger hard drive.

Brett said...

Oh that last one did finally show up!

Rhino, these programs use scratch disk space which is what we old fogies called virtual memory back in the day. That's how they set these things up when the machines literally had only 64 MB of ram and less. It's considered memory for this purpose. If you must know we're currently running 4 gigs of internal ram, on a dual 2.4 Gigahertz processor. The machine is about 7 months old, 13 inch MacBook Pro. I seriously doubt there isn't enough memory, virtual or otherwise.

It turns out that painter just can't handle 600 dpi files. Since the 300 dpi one opens fine. And since I scanned and manipulated the thing in Photoshop 4 without problems, I think it's a problem with the actual program.

I'm sure someone out there has 100GB of memory. All you need is a server motherboard that supports 2 Intel Xeon 5500 Sequence processors, 2 Xeon Nehalem CPUs and 4 kits (for a total of 96 GB)of these: