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Friday, June 25, 2010

Paleontologists disprove 'Kinds' theory of Creationists.

An interesting post over on Theropoda, using the creationists own methods they have dis-proven the 'Kinds' theory. The 'Kinds' theory is basically that God placed all the kinds of animals on the planet, birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, ect. and that within those lines they could micro-evolve into different kinds of mammals, birds ect (that's really simplified as it actually breaks down to kinds of animals more like dogs and cats, bears, humans, apes ect.) The point is according to these 'Scientific Creationists' models, you can't have a reptile turn into a bird, or a fish into a mammal.

But a team of paleontologists decided to test this 'theory' using the Creationists own math and it turns out if you actually bother to add in current animals that things are much more in line with evolutionary thinking, birds and dinosaurs are grouped together, in fact just as they are in current scientific models. They are so close they overlap... if they were really so very different according to the "Kinds' theory this wouldn't happen.. like at all! So maybe these creation scientists actually did some good in providing an alternate verification of evolutionary thought! Well done!

Read all about on Andrea Cau's blog. The original is in Italian but I've included the translated version for us English types.



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