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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Andy Smith's 1st Man/Apollo

I received an interesting request this week. Andy Smith asked me to draw up one of his characters from 1st Man. So I broke my no super heroes rule and drew this up (more of a guideline than a rule.. well maybe more of personal mottoie thing.) Anyways here is Apollo! Enjoy the super heroie goodness while you can!

Just in case you don't know since I don't do it much, the BWS stands for Black With Stars, you need to take shortcuts while you can! Now back to wizards and werewolves.

Andy's blog and website:




steve said...

This is awesome. Andy is one of my favorite artists. Is this for one of his upcoming books?


M.O.R said...

Really like this. Would love to see more Andy Smith stuff in the funny books, but I know certain people got treated badly, or outright burned and never returned to comics because of that. Hope Andy was not one of them.

If you ever get the chance to see other artists interpretations of the Apollo character, Andy wrote a great book called drawing dynamic comics, and in the book we can see a number of different artists, including George Perez, Kevin Nowlan, and the late, sadly deceased Mike Weiringo, among others, drawing Smith's creation. It's both strange, and interesting, to see how the artists approached the same character.

I like this. Would like to see it coloured.

Have to ask, Brett, why you are so adverse, nowadays, to drawing superheroes, since you did books like The Darkness years ago?

Brett said...

Hi Steve,

I have no idea, he just asked me and I agreed. You'd have to ask him:)


From what I've seen Andy was working at DC for a bit and is doing some WWE comics now, or some other wrestling thing. I looked at his book online, or at least parts of it. Would have been interesting to see some others interpretations, but going in cold is fine to, no external stimuli;)

I just don't seem to like Superheros anymore, I got burned out on them. And I did like the Darkness, that was fun but I guess TopCow didn't because they never offered me more work (I did ask!)

Things may come around again at some point, I'm a bit tired of having every thing I do have to be sent out for approval, like that wolf head cover. That doesn't happen with regular comics, but the Dresden Author is pretty good so far, I haven't had to make any changes yet.



M.O.R said...

Ya know, if a paranoid government agent ever stopped by your site, he might think you were one of those Russian spys, and 'BWS' was codeword for "Build Weapon Soon".

The 'Weapon' being a device to take out America and Poland's proposed missile shield.

Actually, I think I could make money from that idea. Time to call hollywood....;)