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Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Sunday will ROCK!

This weeks Sunday Blasphemy comes via ^^W^^, thanks again!

Let the crazy commence!

This actually reminds me of some Vodou
ceremonies I've seen. Interesting how that was later incorporated in to these religious ceremonies. This actually brings up an interesting point. Why do the super religious dislike change? They seem to think change is a bad thing, but they seem to forget that if you stagnate, you die.

Happy 4th for those in the States. And a big thanks to the Founding Fathers for getting the ball rolling, you know, the actual founders of the Nation… not the mythical religious zealots the right wingers and Tea Baggers (still LOVE the name!!!) have deluded themselves into thinking found the country.




steve said...

That is too funny!


Matt said...

Haven't been to your blog in a while, thought I'd check up on the sweet artistry. The AMOUNT of anti-religion is too heavy for this fan. Believe what you want, but such commitment to negativity is sickening. Are you plagued by religious zealots or what? The skill you were given to breathe life into a drawing should be enough to thank God. Oh well. Thanks for taking away my last interest in comic book artistry.

Jess said...

Dear Matt-

I have friends and relatives that I love very much, that believe the wackiest shit that drives me up the freaking wall. Does that mean I don't love them any more? Does that mean I avoid them completely? No. It means I act like an adult and instead of going "boohoohoo, you hurt my feeeelings cuz you differ/are vocal about your religous/political/dog-related/diet/younameit practices or beliefs", I just ignore the stuff that bothers me and concentrate on the things we both enjoy and have in common.

Neither I or Brett can take anything away from you. You are taking it away from yourself by allowing Brett's beliefs to bother you so much that you will avoid him altogether. What he believes or says has NO EFFECT ON YOU AT ALL UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT TO.

Grow the fuck up.

Brett said...

Hey Steve,

Yeah, that made me laugh:)


If you haven't been here in awhile, because the anti religious stuff has been here for years, how can I even consider you a fan. Do you buy my books? If you don't I don't really need your approval do I, since you don't actually contribute.

Maybe now you'll see how we others view the oppressive Religious cloud that hangs over our heads. Of course it's only negative if you view it like that. I don't. I'm expressing my views, it's a free country I can do what I want online. The fact that I'm supposed to stick to YOUR idea of what a comic blog is supposed to be is nothing but more of YOUR religious control. You do what some other religious people do. You don't like it so it must be gotten rid of, when you can just NOT read it OR turn off the fucking TV. I'm not demanding Fox News be taken off the air, or all the religious crap I see (do you really need 5 channels with the same content? Really?) I simply don't watch them. Plus were would the Daily Show or Colbert get all their stupid Fundy stuff?

The fact that I have to thank YOUR god when he had no part in my skill, bothers the shit out of me. What about MY hard work and time? I wasn't the best artist in my family as a child, in fact I was by far the worst. So all the hard work to be able to draw was someone else's doing? Wish I would have known that, would have saved me an ass load of time! I guess it's all gods doing when doctors cure someone of their cancer or other problems. I guess we don't really need antibiotics, just a crazy gold cup some whine and a cracker!

If THIS stuff gets you to stop reading comics I have to say HOW in the hell is it even related? I'm not drawing anti-religious comics... at least not yet, thanks for the idea!

Get over your self importance and entitlement. And don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Matt said...

Jess - As a race we have tribal natures, cliques even, so yes if someone you are trying to have any sort of relationship with has only art in common, that relationship is going nowhere.

Brett - If anti-religion posts have been here the whole time, then that's my error. I possibly only clicked art-related posts. I purchased some of the Marvel stuff you did, probably all of it, as I am a Marvel slut. Outside of that no, I didn't as I'm white trash. Sorry you're jaded enough to only be about the money. O_o Just ignore it? Tables turn: I'm an artist but I support dog fighting. Make random posts about "cool dog fighting videos". Needless to say, you'd be turned off to ME for liking that stuff. I don't, but it's easy to say that when it's something as laughable as religion.

And yes, you say you weren't the best artist but there was something. You just needed to mold it. I suppose with enough training, I could be anything? I have an equilibrium issue, but by all that's holy I show Tony Hawk what for with some practice. Doubtful. OMG I could probably be a rocket scientist in my off time with some education! We're all created differently. Created. My mother's womb did not make me to factory settings. If so, move over bitch, I'm gonna gun for your job, with a little practice.

Brett said...

Hey Matt!

Just wanted to let you know that I've read these comments and decided to roll them over into a post for Sunday Blasphemy (that would be tomorrow!)

You should feel honored! Plus I just found this book that said I was god so you should start worshiping me now!

So thanks!