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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

October books!

Vampire Huntress 4, Mmmm... Vampire Hunters smell like chicken!

Repost of the Fool Moon cover. Looks like it will finally come out! I saw the colors for the first 5 pages of Storm Front 7. Fricken SWEET! I'll put them up when I'm able to:)




steve said...

Vampire Huntress 4

You sir draw the best 'fros in the business. Do you get lots of requests from publishers to draw affros?

demonpack said...

wow, those are both Xcellent!

love them both.

Brett said...

Hi Steve,

LOL! Thanks! I do not actually, I guess they just be hatin'

Thanks Demonpack.

Andrew did an excellent job on the colors of both, makes everything look better:)