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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Draw Muhammad Day 2011!

And As you can see I drew him in the most foul and evil way I could think of, black socks and sandals. It's been posted to the Flicker site I mentioned below as well.

And for all those religious nuts who think this is blaspheme, what about all these other images throughout history:

I don't care what any silly religion says about images, I do care that people are being killed an silenced for something as non hurtful as this. This is about free speech and standing up to those who would oppress it. Grow up and join the modern world, crazy religious laws do no apply to moving forward, only backward. This hurts no one unless some zealot decides to make it so, that is insanity, that is were religion leads. How can people not see that?

Oh, and any hatemail will be posted online in full view, names and everything.

Now, who's been raptured?




M.O.R said...

Needs ink, I feel. No colour, just ink.
Looks cool too.

Anyway, regarding his expression, is he sitting outside of a playschool? Because the expression is kinda Pedobear.

Kestral said...

he's brooding over the stupidity of people.

nah he just brooding.

really like the work here.


Fatboy73 said...

looks like he's having randy thoughts about those 72 virgins he's getting when he dies. :D