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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The making of a cover!

This is for the people who think I'm a big Tron fan. I am of course, the first movie is still a favorite, the second... well it was pretty to look at. Anywho here's how covers work. I get a list of ideas from the writer which I do different takes of, in this case Cassi fighting off some monsters and Bart having a sort of flashback.  Cassie was captured by NOWHERE and they seem to prefer the 'Tron' suits. Scott wasn't sure which DC wanted so I did one of each. I turn them in and then we wait.

Since it's part of a crossover it's got to go through more than the usually people so it takes longer. Well after about a week it was decided that all the TT would get captured at the end of 7 and so I was asked to turn in a new layout (nothing really new, I did like 6-7 layouts for issue 6 which had some JL members that were supposed to show up) but DC thought it would be cool for me to redo the issue 1 cover with EVERYONE in 'Tron' suits.

So I did this up and was told to get to work. Now I'm not a guy who's ever happy with what he's done in the past, so I don't really like the issue 1 cover now. BUT, I (sometimes) do what I'm told so I did it up;)

I did make a few changes, pulled Skitter and Bunker up into the front a bit more.

Now I liked cover ideas 2 and 3. The thing is, the covers I would prefer to do are not always the ones picked by DC or Marvel or whoever. But they are the ones paying the bills so I draw the ones that they want. Sometimes I'm happy with the end result, other times not so much, but that might just be me and my negative thinking.

I will say this, the 'Tron' outfits are only for a few issues, then back to the normal ones that people hate!




David said...

I love the new costumes!!

Also, should've gone with the Bart-central cover. But that's okay. People make mistakes.

I'm f***ing LOVING your art on this book. It's incredible, and Bart's never looked better!! Since Impulse, that is. :P

We love you.


Brett said...


Talk to editorial!

I just read the cross over plot.... fricken brutal!



Brian said...

I'm probably never going to be a fan of the new costumes, but I love the actual artwork, and the story, so it's really a minor detail.

Actually, Cass's is growing on me.

bestpmchennai said...
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