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Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Sunday: Don't speek!

This is about something M.O.R. and I were talking about last time. Blasphemy Laws. Specifically hate speech. I guess the Irish government is looking into some 'hate speech' given by a Bishop in a Catholic Church.  So what do you think? Personally that isn't hate speech, but the whole idea of it makes me sick. And it's just as bad as religion controlling how you speek and think (no cussing.) Just think of the lawsuits and lunacy of that stuff ever got adopted here in the US, and those weren't even offensive!

As for the blasphemy this week! Football is dumb! And it does make people stupid! Or at least prevents people from learning. Look at all those people who will be sittin gon there butts watching a game that has become so slow it rivals baseball for bordom. Read a book! Play on wiki, do something that will keep you from absorbing your own brain cells!

I kind of kid, I think playing sports can be great fun... watching them on the other hand... gah!




heffison said...

I think you can make a much better case for needing "hate speech" laws than "blasphemy" laws, since the government has an interest in keeping all citizens safe, but no legitimate interest in determining what constitutes blasphemy. Still, the case from Ireland doesn't appear to come anywhere close to protecting anyone from a developing threat. But maybe they do need to have this go through as a legal precedent to lay out that this is not what the law is for.

I'm glad to see that this isn't an American law. I hope we can keep a better handle on when to step in on language that someone views as a concern. One of my favorite things about this country is that we disagree with each other, and then move on, better than anyone else on Earth.

Fatboy73 said...

Definitely not hate speech. In fact were I a judge presiding over the matter, I would toss it out on it's ass chuckling amusedly the whole while.
What they are is VERY typical Catholic/Christian sentiments though. The first one being the usual woe is me, victim complex, martyr bullshit we see all the time.
The second being the pompous, arrogant, look at us we know what our future(afterlife)holds, and it is so much better than what is in store for you, oh what a hollow, meaningless life you must lead vomit that is always spewed.

M.O.R said...

The thing about sports is that, yes, they can be great fun.
But what about the multi-million dollars they earn for kicking a ball?
And they can be just as dangerous as religion, as the recent deaths in Egypt at a soccer/football match proved. 74 dead at the last count.

Personally, I think sports is glorified inaneness. There is no point to the darn thing, and I am grateful that I can just change the channel. It bears all the hallmarks of religion, really, in that it makes people look the other way while crazy stuff is going on behind their backs.