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Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Sketches for Phoenix!



Batgirl/Blackbat/ Cassandra Cain!

And Batman.

Gah! 5 down! I have 3 more I want to do, but I'll see, I have to get some pages done as well!




Raul said...

These are great! I love that Batman one. :)

Brian said...

Love the Cass one, but now it makes me want to see you draw Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl/Stephanie Brown

steve said...

I hope you are scanning and saving, we need to do you a proper con sketchbook!


Kaden said...

Love these, Brett! ESPECIALLY the "black costume" Spidey from the 80's! I LOVED that look. :-)

yipeng said...

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Joshua said...

Hey Brett,
It was great finally getting to meet you and now own my personal favorite neighborhood Spiderman! It's now all custom framed, protected and framed on the wall. Also thanks for talking art talk with me as well, was really a pleasure.


M.O.R said...

Really cool work. loving the Spider-man page.

I have to ask, however, since they are sort of similar in both moves and athleticism, how would you define the abilities of DD versus Nightwing? Say if the characters were to team up, how would you differentiate against the two? Besides the seeing thing? :)
Or would that psychology be something you would tackle if the job were to happen, or if someone asked for a commission?

Just curious, to the differing artistic process.

Brett said...

Nice to meet you too Josh, send me a picture when you get a chance! Thanks again for picking that up!


Good question. Daredevil would be more big cat to me... more calculating more aware of everything. NW would be more monkey or gibbon like, going with the flow, and making it up as he went along.

For a crossover? Easy. NW in the lead with a big smile on his face and DD looking broody;)



Unknown said...

What I got to do if I want to comission you something? What are the steps

Brett said...

Hi Guillermo,

I'm sorry, I don't do commissions anymore. I do do something called Sketch Saturday where I draw a random character, post it, and if people want to buy it they email me (first come first served.)