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Monday, May 21, 2012

Phoenix Comic Con!

So I'll be attending the Phoenix Comic Con this Saturday, and since I don't do sketches at shows I thought I'd simply bring some along. This way I get to sign comics and talk tot he fans and the fans get some sketches. Win, Win. I'll be working on the sketches this week so I should have 5 or so for the show.

So if you're in the area, stop by and say hi! I'll sign as many comics as you want me to sign;) But remember Saturday only. I should be there around 10 am:)




Luke said...


You are doing a fantastic job on TT. I would love to see you come on Nightwing if Eddy Barrows decides to leave. I'm happy to see your return to Superhero comics has been going so well and you seem to really enjoy doing them. Keep up the great work.


steve said...

Nice! Is that Nightwing's costume from the new 52?

Do any heroes use umbrellas?


DT "Sketchpad" Butchino said...

Why is it you're not working on Nightwing? ;)

Dave Irwin said...

...and, once again...SWOON!!!

Brett said...

Thanks Luke!

I wouldn't mind drawing Grayson for awhile:)


Yes, and no... unbrellas are soooo 80's;)


Because they didn't offer it to me. They offered Teen Titans.

We were all kept in the dark about the other books. I only found out about NW from the original writer after I started TT.