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Friday, May 11, 2012

Rejected Superboy design

I'm very, VERY tired of the 'Tron' outfits on TT lately so I tried to get them to approve a new non Tron design. No go:( So I'll post it here on the blog and on twitter;)




future artist said...

Joking right. One of the best yet that suit is awesome.

BluePrint said...

When will SB be wearing the outfit he was wearing in the promo pictures?

steve said...

I hated most of the new 52 costumes at first, then they grew on me, now I'm back to thinking they are overly complex. Costumes should be iconic and simple before "realistic." I like outfits which work both in the Jim Lee style and a Bruce Timm style. Most of the new 52 outfits only work for hyper real artists.

This is a great design, could be complex or simple depending on who draws it.

Kaden said...

This looks GREAT! Too bad it was a NO-GO.

Unknown said...

this would have been an appealing suit but im stil waiting for his costume from the promo picture.

Raul said...

Wow are they on drugs? This was an amazing re-design! The Tron things they have going on are an eyesore and have me second-guessing pickup up TT for a bit until those costumes are done with.

Felix Brunschede said...

A good mixture between casual- and superhero look... And they refused for a Tron-knock-off?!